Mp4/AVC stutter yet AVi's are fine

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Mp4/AVC stutter yet AVi's are fine

Post by mattj » Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:23 pm


As title ? Ive been battling this issue for months , trying different players , looking at the Router/network , blaming Sony on the updates pretty much everything as to WHY ! Mp4/AVC files stutter and wont play right yet .avi ,Xvid, Divx & Mpeg4 all play fine even big 2GB + files.

You can see the Audio and Video kbps drop off as the network trys to buffer, Ive tested Wired and Wireless and the playback is the same , mp4's just stutter!!! Im going mad to try to fin out why as 2 of my friends can stream my movies and they are both Wireless and Wired!!! I get 100% signal and all online stuff / gaming for PS3 is fine and dandy just this issue, on 2.52

I know Im not alone but was hoping that Twonky may work as ive tried all the other Apple Media clients , as you can adjust the buffer on Twonky I thought that this may be a winner

Are MP4/AVC files differnet in some way ? I just have run out of ideas

Help welcome !!!


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