Streaming to PS3 via VLC

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Streaming to PS3 via VLC

Post by zwirny » Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:11 am


I am using TMS 5.0.46 with TMM . AVI, some MKV etc. are doing fine, but not all video formats like ogm, some mkv, mp4 are not recognized. On my vlc all this stuff is doing great, so I found an article about streaming from my PC to the PS3 using a vlc.import.playlist hack. Unfort. this does not work. I think I should see a playlist on the PS3 but there isn't any.
Could you help me with this or is there a way to activate the vlc as an alternative renderer ?

I found the C:\Programme\TwonkyMedia\cgi-bin\vlc.location stuff but I don't know how this works and if some further configuration is needed.

Help would be appreaciated, thx in advance

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