New build of 5.0 server, fixes for PS3...

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New build of 5.0 server, fixes for PS3...

Post by mgillespie » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:20 pm

There is a unsupported build of TMS5, which for me fixes many of the PS3 issues I had, including missing album art and PS3 client detection problems. The build is dated Feb 24th 2009

If you are having problems, give it a try, post your findings in this thread...


o new database structure with less memory usage
o on Windows Server is always installed as system service

Bug fixes:
- client adaptation for players which crash on X_MS_MediaReceiverRegistrar:RegisterDevice
- client adaptation for Philips NP2x00 search added
- inotify follows symbolic links, if followlinks=1
- fixed search
- mem leak fixes
- fixed some parts on user created playlists
- fixed enable/disable of content dirs
- correctly recognizes ID3V2.4 compliant tags
- fixed mp4 parser
- fixed DLNA_QoS for non-DLNA-1.5 clients
- fixed html tags and entities in language files
- fixed SSDP messages for multihomed server
- fixed different handling of AVI for PS3
- fixed discovery of Roku player
- fixed DeviceDescription for DLNA 1.0 compliant devices which can not handle 1.5 servers
- added duration field for FLAC
- fixed problems with very big content files, duration is now calculated correctly

known issues:
- deleting the last item in a playlist removes the playlist
- Tray application only in English
- 5.0.x has no support for Internet Radio
- some JPEG pictures cause problems on Metadata extraction
- JPEGs are not upscaled, very small JPEGs can not be shown on some devices
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