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A PS3 bug (Album Art)

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 8:29 pm
by mgillespie
Noticed that when I copied files from my mediaserver to the local PS3 HDD (using the triangle Copy option), some of my music was not showing it's album art. The strange thing was, it WAS displayed correctly when viewing them on the Twonky server (like the art disappeared during the copy process).

It turns out, the PS3 does not like large album artwork embedded in the ID3 tags. I rescaled the problem artwork down, and it displays just fine.

I know over 300x300 does not work, if I scale it down to 150x150 it DOES work. Not sure where the limit is. Or even if it's filesize or resolution based.

PS3 firmware 2.76.

Hope this info helps others trying to debug PS3 album art problems..