Apple Lossless to PS3

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Apple Lossless to PS3

Post by KLindsay » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:45 pm

Is it possible to stream music from an iTunes library (Apple Lossless format) using twonky to my PS3? I have tried with the demo version of Twonky (v5) and my lossless music would show up on the PS3 as "unsupported datatype". Regular iTunes (160kbs) files and even purchased music from iTunes worked but not any lossless files. Any suggestions on how to make a lossless libary work with the PS3?

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Re: Apple Lossless to PS3

Post by Ranger69 » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:57 am

Yeah, but ps3 doesn't like it

However, ps3 doesn't like a lot of things

What I did:

-Moved my entire iTunes library to my Network Storage MyBookWorld Edition Public Music folder
-shared to ps3 as receiver ipod like

FYI - the iTunes Server doesn't necessary work on ps3

However, the built in Twonky Media Server works well for the ps3.

ps3 has a * next to each file, but plays my itunes library located in the Pubic/Shared Music.....

Also, I have my iTunes mapped to my MyBookWorld Network Storage White Light wireless connection through a router.

Hope this helps.

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