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PS3 wont see my Twonky server

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:05 am
by Abernus
I have just spent the better part of 3 hours searching this forum looking for tips to get my PS3 to se my ReadyNAS DUO and Twonky that is running on it. My PS3 is on the internet and everything elese on it works fine, I can also access my ReadyNAS DUO and Twonky from any of the PC's on my network just not the PS3. Before I go any further here is my setup.

PS3 connected to a Newlink 10/100 switch (wired using CAT5E)
Newlink switch connected to my Tenda TEG 1008 Gigabit switch upstairs (Wired using CAT5E)
Netgear ReadyNAS DUO connected to my Tenda switch (Wired using CAT6)
various other PCs connected to the Tenda switch
Linksys WAG160N router connected to the Tenda Switch using CAT6

My PS3 states that it is using NAT type 2 and that uPnP is not availablem although it is turned on in the router. When I try to search for media servers on the PS3 it always tells me that it can't find any. I do have Twonky setup on the NAS. I have confirmed that it works by taking the cable from the switch downstairs and plugging it direct to the NAS..... Then yes the PS3 can see the media server and it all works great. As soon as I put it back the way I want it I can't see the media server on my PS3

From what I have tried so far I think the problem is the router stopping something getting through. I have tried the following:

Disabling the NAT - didn't work
Disabling and Enabling uPnP on the router - didn't work
updating the firmware on the router, the NAS box and updating the ReadyDNLA service - didn't work
I have tried putting static IP addresses on the NAS box and the PS3 but still no luck

Please can someone give me any ideas why I can't get this to work.

Re: PS3 wont see my Twonky server

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:49 pm
by Abernus
I have got my problem sorted. I went out and exchanged my router for the gigabit version. To help anyone else out that might be having this problem as there appears to be a lack of help on this subject:

Check your switch, if it is unmanaged this will probably be the caus of your problems. Early this morning I tried by passing my switch and plugging my NAS and the switch downstairs direct to teh router and bingo! I then tried just the NAS on the switch and then just the switch downstairs on the upstairs switch both ways failed. It turns out that my switch (and many others) don't transmit uPnP and DLNA very well. They seem to block it, I know an unmanaged switch should be "dumb" and just send anything it gets out, but for some reason they dont. It appears to be mainly gigabit switches that cause the problem.

I hope this solution is of use to someone.