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My Book World Edition II, PS3, and Trendnet TEW-647ga Issue

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:24 pm
by kalel52

I am having a problem with my PS3 being able to recognize my NAS My Book World Edition II running Twonky Media Server (Pre-installed 5.1.4-1 ) when it is connected through my wireless gaming adapter Trendnet TEW-647g. The NAS will not show up when i search for media servers.I don't have any problem connecting to the NAS when I use the internal wifi of the PS3.

I have contacted Trendnet a number of times and they say it isnt an issue on their end since I don't have problems gaming or with Internet when the adapter is connected.

Please Help!!!!!

Dlink Gamer Lounge Router DGL - 4500
WD My Book II WDH2NC20000N
Trendnet Wireless Gaming Adapter TEW-647ga