Playing media through PS3 disconnects host PC

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Playing media through PS3 disconnects host PC

Post by alexjj » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:28 pm

So I have the latest version of Twonky server (registered) running on my Windows 7 64bit PC which hosts all my data. This is wireless connected via a Belkin n usb adapter to my black BT home hub 2.0. My PS3 is wired to the home hub and is running the latest firmware (3.56 I think).

Start watching some photos on the PS3 or start streaming a video and everything is ok. After a short while (seems to vary) playback stops and when I go to investigate on my PC I find that it's not connected to the network any more. The wireless network is showing but it won't connect. I have to restart the home hub and sometimes the computer as well. Once my computer is connected on the network again I have to restart the PS3 for Twonky to appear.

I suspect the home hub is the problem but equally I never had any problems when I used Windows Media Player to stream videos. I changed to Twonky as I preferred the additional benefits it offered. I'd like to resolve the issue as Twonky is better and I paid for it!

Let me know if there's any more information which will help diagnose the problem. Thanks!

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