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Twonky - My Book World Edition - PS3

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:04 am
by eskordok
PC Windows 7 running Twonky Server 6.0.32
Drives on that Machine:
Drive C is the OS
Drive E is a USB External Hard Drive
Drive F Mapped to a My Book World Edition II External Hard Drive (No Twonky Installed)
Drive G Mapped to a My Book World Edition External Hard Drive (With Twonky Media Server 5.1.9 Pre-Installed)
All drives are full of Videos.

When I go to Twonky 6 on my Windows Machine and to Basic Setup -> Sharing I have the following shares:

Once on my PS3 I can see everything on my E and F drives but can't see anything on my G drive (The one with Twonky 5 pre-installed)

I know I can update My Book World Edition to Twonky using ssh and some hacking since WD hasn't release yet a version 6 of Twonky on their firmware, but is there a way to use my current version 6 of Twonky from my PC to read that external Hard Drive?

I just bough Twonky 6 and I just need it to read that Hard Drive.

What about aggregation on the Advance Setup? How can I configure maybe Twonky 6 to read shares of Twonky 5?

Do I need to uninstall or stop Twonky 5 in order for Twonky 6 to read that Hard Drive.

note: I notice that when I click Browse on Sharing I get a list of letters like:

What is strange is that I don't get drive G even if is also a mapped drive like the rest.

Any Ideas or suggestions will be appreciate.


Re: Twonky - My Book World Edition - PS3

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:19 pm
by eskordok
I now have both my Windows 7 Server with Twonky Server 6 and the My Book World Edition with Twonky 6 also installed and running perfectly.

For anyone else out there this is what I did in a step by step:

1 – Make sure you have the latest firmware on your MBWE (My Book World Edition). At the time of this procedure I had version 01.02.06 that include Twonky 5. Check it at:
http://whatever your IP address of the MBWE then go to System -> Update

2 - You need to enable ssh on your MBWE. Go to System -> Advanced and check enable ssh and submit

3 – Download and Install putty. I got it from here:

4 – Open Putty and connect to MBWE using the IP address for it.

5 - Once connected use root as the username and welc0me as the password

6 – Install Optware, follow this procedure: (Found at for more detail instruccion or this is what I did)

A – Run the following commands:
# wget ...
# sh
# echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin:/opt/sbin" >> /root/.bashrc
# echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin:/opt/sbin" >> /etc/profile

B – You must logout and log back in. Use # exit to log out and log back in as before

C – keep running this commands:
# /opt/bin/ipkg update
I installed also the nano editor to be used after:
# /opt/bin/ipkg install nano
I installed also unzip to be use after also:
# /opt/bin/ipkg install unzip

7 – Go to:
cd /usr/local
mkdir twonky6
cd twonky6

8 - Get the new version of Twonky 6 for NAS:
wget ...

9 – Unzip the new downloaded file:

10 – Shutdown the old Twonky Server:
killall twonkymedia

11 – Start the new Twonky version 6 as a daemon:
./twonkymedia –D

12 – Change the file S97twonkyserver with the new directory so it doesn’t go back to Twonky 5 when you reboot MBWE or the power goes off
I’m using nano as an editor here:
cd /etc/init.d
nano S97twonkyserver

Go to line 28 and change to your new Directory = WORKDIR="twonky6"

You can use this commands on Nano:
^A move to beginning of line
^E move to end of line
^C find out what line the cursor is currently on
^O save contents without exiting
X exit nano

13 - Go to your browser and change your video, music and pictures shares

I hope this help someone else :)

Re: Twonky - My Book World Edition - PS3

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:03 pm
by RPeter
I thank you for the manual,.... but...
It asks for a serial number. Although the site says an update from 5.x is free...???

Re: Twonky - My Book World Edition - PS3

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:11 pm
by Twonky_Rick
I think it's only free if you bought your 5.0 software from the website.

- Rick