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WD MyLife Book w/Twonky - Can't play video w/o rebuild

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:21 pm
by radu43
I bought the WD MLB 1TB to be able to store all my movies and view them trough my PS3.
It seems that in order to view the videos, I need to rebuild Twonky after I upload the videos.
If this is the case I need to return MLB and get a NAS that works better with the PS3.

More info on upload:
Using Mac to upload the files
All files are .mp4
PS3 gives "corrupted file" error when trying to view it after the upload
Than I go to Twonky and "rebuild"
Now PS3 plays the file just fine

Any ideas why the PS3 has issue reading the files? And why the rebuild option fixes the issue?

Thanks for you help!!!