Modifying view-definitions gone bad

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Modifying view-definitions gone bad

Post by Bascy » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:50 pm

Hi all,

I've started modifying view-definitions, removing some of the containers i don't want.
I also added my own view file, which did work, until some point

After restarting the server, and trying the new view, all i get in the HTML view in my browser is the menu (home, upload, settings) and an empty right side. I tried switching views back to Classic, or Advanced, but it stays empty.

I tried restoring everything to the lsat version that did work ... but still an empty list
I turned on logging, but there are no errors in that.

What can be the problem?
How can i force the server to reread the view definitions?

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Re: Modifying view-definitions gone bad

Post by Briain » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:59 am


Sorry if you know this already, but just in case not, you do have to perform a full Twonky database rebuild to pick up any changes you make to the trees. That's why it's a good plan to set Twonky up on a PC and point it to a small handful of albums at most (this makes the rebuild quick and thus you can make a small change, perform a rebuild, than see the result). Once happy, you can then test it on the device (eg a NAS) that holds your full media collection.

In general, it is a bad idea to remove the standard containers as these are required by some devices and control points (Songbokk 11 being an example of one that needs them). In addition, removing some of these containers can slow down the Twonky 6 database rebuild time (I found that out when I put them back for Songbook 11 testing and Twonky rebuilt faster with these additional 'container zero' containers restored.

What I've done in m own custom trees is put back the container zero terms but cut some down to the absolute minimum (particularly the genre one) even though none of these are actually shown in my modified advanced default view; that only shows my custom containers. The best way to proceed would be to have a look at what I have done with my custom music containers. The ones to keep are all the ones with id= in them (my custom ones have groupid= in them). If you download one of my tree packs from here and open the view-definitions file in Notepad++, you will see what I have done and can thus reverse engineer your own changes into it. Note that the links to my containers are in both the advanced and classified 'shortcut' trees.


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Re: Modifying view-definitions gone bad

Post by phibertron » Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:02 pm

Hi Bascy

I know exactly what you dealt with, went through a lot of trial and error myslef

Take a look at what I did here

in a nut shell the root section of the view-definitions.xml MUST exist
but they do not have to be used for the most part
the exception is for certain devices
meaning that say you customized both xml files to your liking
devices like the xbox, and music players etc
are only given things from the root sections and not your custom ones
this is remedied by duplicating to both sections, but only showing the custom ones
thus the devices that dont use the custom get the same look and feel

keep it simple, and build from there