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Help wanted

Post by wondering » Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:47 pm

after hours reading how-to's and tips & trics I still can't figure out why my music-tracks appears as one big album of 14700 tracks:) I'm using Twonky Server 6.0.34 on QNAP T459 Pro+ as a QPKG package. My files are typically put in a directory-tree share\Music\Albums\Artist\Album where all the wav-files including their cover-image as Folder.jpg are located. The directory share\Music\Albums is specified as a share within "Media Maps" configuration of Twonky Server and I rebuilded the database. Even after a restart I only find one name album "Greatest Hits" which is located in the artist-folder "ZZ-top" and is the last directory in "Albums". The rest of the files reside under "Unknown" artist/album despite the fact that all tracks are present both as WAV and MP3??!! I don't understand what the problem is. All directories/files have admin-rights 777 for user admin, group admin. Logging in at the server as admin doesn't give me a full list of albums nor artists. Any help or suggestions are welcome, as I start to be desparate. :( :? :?:

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Re: Help wanted

Post by Shockmaindave » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:47 am

Before you started using Twonky, what program had you been using as a Jukebox?
Had it been able to display file tags correctly?

I'm not really familiar with tagging WAV files, but I know that Winamp can determine Title and Album tags from directory structure, which is what you mention in your post. How did you tag those files?

Hope it helps,

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