Songs not scanned in?

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Songs not scanned in?

Post by jon_beeker » Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:11 pm

Hello All,
Just trying to figure a few things out. I am running twonky server 6.0.38 and have ~20,000 songs in the database. However a few songs/playlists did not make it and I cannot figure out why. In the "scan_files_bad.dat" file, there are 4 items. (yes, I am amazed it is so low). 3 songs -> one has DRM problems, so I am ok with that, but the other 2 I ripped myself and the rest of each of the albums are there. They will play in WMP, mediamonkey, and itunes. Don't know why twonky doesn't like them.

The other files is a playlists. I have 14 playlists imported, and 1 is in the bad.dat file. These playlists are auto-generated, and the bad one is just a subsets of a playlists that is successfully scanned in. So it cannot be that there is a mp3 that twonky doesn't like because it is in the other playlist that is successfully imported. (and no, the 3 bad files from above are not in these playlists).

Anybody know how to begin to track down why twonky doesn't like these files.

The thought of 2 songs never being played is killing me!

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Re: Songs not scanned in?

Post by Twonky_Rick » Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:53 am

Normally this happens with corrupted media, but if you encoded them yourself I don't see why they would be corrupted. If you can send the files to me at, we can test them and report back to you.

If you do send them, include a short description of the problem. I get a lot of email each day. :)

- Rick
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