6.0.39 on DNS 323 with 1.10 Firmware

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6.0.39 on DNS 323 with 1.10 Firmware

Post by cityboy72 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:48 am


Can anyone help me understand why Twonkyserver has multiple instances loaded? I have rescan set to 0, also not streaming, it is idle although many instances are running. I tried a restart, it went down to 4 then after fully loaded began the many instances of itself again. This is after a clean install.

Thank you for any help.

9124 root /ffp/bin/sh
10602 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10603 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10604 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10605 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10606 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10607 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10608 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10609 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10610 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10611 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10612 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10613 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10614 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10615 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10616 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10627 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10628 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10630 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10631 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10632 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10642 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10673 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10674 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10677 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
10678 root /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymediaserver -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/

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Re: 6.0.39 on DNS 323 with 1.10 Firmware

Post by parnott » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:42 pm

What you are seeing is most likely threads not processes.

The implementation of ps on most Linux NAS devices does this.

If you have Optware installed on your NAS then you can get the full Linux ps by installing the procps package, if it is available for your NAS.

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