TwonkyServer 7.0.7 is now available for download

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TwonkyServer 7.0.7 is now available for download

Post by Twonky_Rick » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:22 pm

We recently posted an update for TwonkyServer called 7.0.7. You can download it here for Mac, Linux and Windows:

We don't have the NAS builds available because the person who handles that is still out on vacation. I'll request that when he's back.

What’s New in TwonkyServer v7.0.7

1 Bug fixes

· Extended the accounting module to support new type of license keys

What’s New in TwonkyServer v7.0.6

1 New Feature

· Extended JSON interface:
· Added function to fetch metadata of a single item
· Added additional properties
· Added res elements array

2 Improvements

· Improved memory handling for devices with limited memory
· Extended the transcoding architecture to allow redirection to external transcoding servers
· Improved the handling when two or more TwonkyServers are in one network (visibility for DMPs)
· Added support for downloading media items

3 Bug fixes

· Fixed directory traversal vulnerability and thus closing a security gap (DDIVRT-2012-40: PacketVideo TwonkyServer and TwonkyMedia Directory Traversal)
· Fixed problems with maxitems when a new location is added
· Fixed a bug with user authentication
· Fixed a problem caused by case-sensitivity (.PCM-files)
· Fixed a problem when two or more additional drives are attached and TwonkyServer is restarted
· Fixed a problem when removing the friendly-name of TwonkyServer
· Fixed Linux installer script; now the “Register server”-button is working

- Rick
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