Using "composer" sub-tree only for classical music ?

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Using "composer" sub-tree only for classical music ?

Post by w8rn8r » Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:32 pm

I'd like to restrict the "by composer" branch in the navigation tree of my Twonky server v6.0.38 installation to genre="Classical" only. That branch seems to be created with this paragraph in view-definitions.xml:

<container name='composer' id='music/composers' createClass='object.item.audioItem.m
<container buildon='upnp:author@role' createClass='object.item.audioItem.mus

I guess that this will require an additional statement similar to: filteron='upnp:genre="Classical"'.
What's the exact syntax and exactly where does that statement need to be included ?

Thanks !

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