Streaming RAW pictures to DNLA (and web) clients broken

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Streaming RAW pictures to DNLA (and web) clients broken

Post by ofeikes » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:17 pm

Hi all,
so far I had a working solution in 7.2 to stream RAW picture files (Nikon NEF) to DNLA clients.

In order to get this to work, following steps had to be performed:
1) Download "dcraw.exe" and add to cgi-bin directory - The "convert.exe" placed there to convert image formats to JPEG is a multi purpose tool that by default leverages external converters. Dcraw is being used in the context of ImageMagick, so I felt it was a close guess to try it out.

2) Add the file extension - ".nef" in this case - to the files "filescanner-extended-formats.txt" in the resources directory:

3) I also had to add a Mime suppression in some of the devices here at home (Sony BRAVIA TV), as they were not explicitly requesting a JPEG version of the image by adding
to the "Capabilities" section in the respective XML file in the devicesdb folder.

This also made the images work in the web browser (http://twonkyserv:9000)
So far for the good news...

Since the upgrade to version 7.3 this is no longer working... DOooh!

I would love to upgrade to 7.3, as this brings multi-user support, which would finally allow me to use the web interface to solve a totally different thing with streaming videos, however if this breaks the image streaming - point less.

Anyone out there that could help me to get this running again?
I was thinking about using transcoding.db to force the new format "raw" always be transcoded to "jpeg", but quite honestly failed in that the first time around in 7.2 and was quite please to make it finally work like above.

Thanks in advance and "Hello" and -given the time- "Merry X-mas" :-)