General advice on Twonky and streaming

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General advice on Twonky and streaming

Post by JeremyP99 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:41 pm

Hi - whilst new to streaming, I have extensive Windows experience from home and use at work in a software company). I've set up a Marantz M-CR510 box, and want some advise on streamlining the setup.

I have a large music library, over 4Tb, mostly Flac, so on my PC I don't use WMP (doesn't handle Flac), rather VLC &/or MediaMonkey). However, the Marantz instructions use WMP to set up streaming, so I did that to confirm that I could stream to the Marantz box. So I enabled WMP, and set up sharing options there, and also in the Advanced sharing options in the Network & Sharing Centre).

All good -bar no flac files!

So moving on, I stumbled across Twonky. I installed it, opting for Folder View, as this is the only practicable display mode for a library as large as mine. That's fine, bar that the tracks don't sort by track order, which seems to me utterly bizarre, but there ya go. I can get round that.

However, when I fire up the Marantz box, I am offered THREE libraries - and I only want the library referenced in the Twonky Setup, which I called "Music Library". Original eh?

So - if possible, I'd like to show just the Twonky library. I am unable to find out whether Twonky will handle all the streaming and sharing options, or whether I still need WMP enabled. If possible, I'd like to get rid of it, as it's a vile piece of software, and I'd like to make future maintenance of the streaming library as simple as possible.

Here's what I see in my Network Devices

Media Devices (4)
JP2-PC: jp2: (wmp I assume)
Marantz M-CR510
Music Library (Twonky library)
Technicolor TG582n (Router)

Network Infrastructure (1)
Technicolor TG582n (1319VFFDP)

Other Devices (2)
Twonky NMC Queue Handler [jp2-PC]
TwonkyProxy [jp2-PC]

Any advice welcome!

A Happy New Year to one and all

Jeremy Poynton
(Somerset, England)