Turning off subtitles as standard

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Turning off subtitles as standard

Post by virtex82 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:13 pm

Hi together,

I have bought a WDMyCloud with Twonky Server 7.2.9 installed on it.
After a little bit of configuring all my devices can be used for streaming and im really happy.

But now im looking for a possibility to turn off the subtitles as standard setting.

All the time i watch a *.mkv file there are the subtitles on. And turning it off everytime on the device sucks a lot.
So i want to turn it off as standard, so that i can turn it on at the device if i want to have them.

Is there a configfile i can edit? In the webfrontend isn't a option for that.

Thanks for your help


virtex :)

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