how do I get Twonky Media server to sort by album artist

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how do I get Twonky Media server to sort by album artist

Post by pc787 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:28 pm

I have a WD MY Cloud that runs a twonky media server. I have transferred my music library on to my "My Cloud" and are using the twonky media server to stream it to various devices, Ipad, Smasung TV, Smasung Tab 4. On the IPAD and samsung Tab4 I downloaded WD's app's to access the music.
When I sort by "artist" I end up with some albums being Split up because it is using the "track Artist"(not sure if this is the official term Windows Media Player seems to call it the "Contributing Artist") to sort on not the album artist. This causes albums to become split up.

I would like to see my music sorted by Album artist then album, and the way it's doing it now it's all wonky.

So I figure I have 2 ways(probably more) to solve it :

1: go through all my music with MP3tag and make sure on each album that the artist = the album artist, this will take a fair amount of time and be quite tedious, plus I'd like.
2: find a way to make twonky sort by album artist instead of track artist. This should be a lot easier(I don't have to edit all the MP3tags) plus I get to keep the track artist information.

I've access the twonky server through my browser window (ipaddress:9000) but can't find any option to sort by album artist, does anyone know how to make the twonky server sort by album artist?

any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance