New router; Twonky no longer appears on SONY Bravia TV

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New router; Twonky no longer appears on SONY Bravia TV

Post by Swiftie » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:45 pm

I've been using Twonky Server (7) to watch video files from my PC via Ethernet, on my SONY Bravia TV, either directly or via the attached SONY BluRay player. This has worked perfectly for years but now, neither the TV nor the BluRay Player show the Twonky symbol/application.

The one significant change is that I've been migrated to FTTC, and this required a change of router. My old router was a ZyXEL (I forget the exact model), the new router is an Asus RT-AC87U

The BluRay player has a fixed IP address on my network and I can still ping it from my PC on but the TV has changed IP address (it used to have a reserved DHCP address; I've not yet re-instated this setup).

I can't find any IP address restrictions in my Server settings, and anyway, the bluray player hasn't changed IP address. I wonder if my ASUS router is blocking DLNA. That would be very odd though.

Any ideas why my Twonky server has disappeared from my TV setup? And how to restore it?