Twonky for Seagate Personal Cloud

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Twonky for Seagate Personal Cloud

Post by silaki » Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:28 pm


I am new to Twonky and wondering how to get it installed for my new Seagate Personal Cloud NAS. I just bought it recently I heard this NAS has a Plex media server but due to reason as below i need twonky server installed on the NAS. I am not sure if the OS is linux i saw an article to install Twonky on Linux OS. Could somebody help me for directions to install Twonky on this NAS.

The exising media server solves all DLNA issues except Subtitles which i have asked Seagate team for support but i need twonky to display itunes play list to my music system. All my music is saved in the NAS including Itunes.Please advice.

Many Thanks

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