Buffalo Linkstation and Panasonic Viera - MKVs fail to play until the end

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Buffalo Linkstation and Panasonic Viera - MKVs fail to play until the end

Post by AceBuffalo » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:52 am

Hello community, I have a question and major concern. I've been banging my head for two weeks now trying to get the obvious working, but maybe it doesn't actually work.

I'm streaming MKV videos from my Buffalo Linkstation 210 to my Panasonic Viera st50ps64 TV wirelessly. All of these MKV videos are various sizes, from 1gig to 15gig depending on the quality of the rip I wanted from my DVDs. These are all from a old WD mycloud NAS transferred over. So I know they workd before with this Panasonic TV.

The MKV videos play for a random amount of time then stops and then the Linkstation just starts playing the next video in the collection on the drive. All the MKVs are doing this.

Streaming from the Linkstation to my old Xbox 360 runs the MKVs to the end, no stopping, perfect. So I'm assuming it's a profile setting in the Twonky server for the Panasonic. My old WD MyCloud had a earlier version of Twonky and I didn't have a problem with the MKVs.

I've looked through the twonky dlna server settings and found nothing unusual. But then I did the basic read and looked in the linkstation manual on page 72 and it DOES NOT say there is support for MKV files???

From the manual:
The LinkStation supports DLNA streaming of files with the extensions below.
File Extensions
Video Files
mpe, mpeg, mpeg2, mpg, m2p, tts, m2ts, m2t, mts, m1v, m4v, mp4, mov, wmv, avi, divx, xvid, asf, dvr-ms, vob, 3gp, vdr, spts, tp, ts

The Linkstation is running Twonky 7.1.1-dtd. That definitely supports MKV files. So I'm not sure what the manual is saying...
Here's what I've tried:
- change the Panasonic-VIERA.xml profile file located at /usr/local/twonky/resources/devicedb/Panasonic/Panasonic-VIERA.xml. I added the <VideoTranscoding><Source> type for MKV. Didn't make a difference. I added meta types for MKV. Didn't make a difference.
- change the transcoding.db file to include DLNA type for MKV. didn't make a difference.
- increased the servercache size thinking the MKV was stopping because the buffer was full. No difference.
Each time I made these changes, I rebooted the server and checked that the file was still changed based on my changes.

It's not like my Panasonic doesn't see the MKVs, they are there, they play, but never finish...just stop and roll to the next.

I've dug pretty deep, reviewing many googled sites, running various Unix commands to change files. Just no luck.

Edit: I'm using MKVs for the DTS sound that my sound system supports. Otherwise I'd rip to MP4 or m2ts for basic Dolby sound. Definitely not a solution to rerip all the MKV files.

Hope someone can guide me to a solution.