Cant get transcoding to work on Twonky Server 8

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Cant get transcoding to work on Twonky Server 8

Post by pk1978 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:15 am

Version: Twonky Server 8.0.2

Running Ubuntu Trusty Tahir

Ive installed twonky about a week ago and Im pretty impressed with it so far, but for the life of me the transcoding support seems broken in the linux distro. To start, I noticed that many of the transcoding related files that come with the mac distro were missing (i.e. cgi-bin/ffmpeg*) so I installed twonky there and ftp'd those files over. I also ensured that I have ffmpeg installed, have ffmpeg.location configured, and even added a ln -s to `which ffmpeg` for good measure. I notice that older versions of the server seem to have some web config for the transcoding, but my version has no such screen. nothing in the release notes indicate that the manual configuration has been deprecated, but the transcoding.html that ships with the distro seems to indicate that transcoding is "automatic", whatever that means :(.

Has anyone had any luck getting transcoding working on Twonky 8? Thanks in advance

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