Twonky Server platform requests

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Twonky Server platform requests

Post by Twonky-Rene » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:54 pm

Hi Twonky community!

This thread is to collect demand for additional embedded Twonky Server platforms. You can look at the currently available platforms at

If you would like to see additional platforms, please respond to this message in this thread with the following information:
  • Devicename and description
  • Platform information; the more the better
  • Link to the tool chain / build tools to create executables for the target platform
Please also respond when you already see a platform in this thread that you want to see. We will collect this information and see if we are able to provide additional platforms, depending on our community's demand.

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Re: Twonky Server platform requests

Post by ramponis » Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:40 pm

Now there are many vdsl modem based on BCM 63138 (Arm A9, Dual Core, 1 GHz)
- Frizbox 7582
- Asus AC87VG, AC88U
- Technicolor DGA4130, DGA4131, DGA4132 and others...
- Zyxel C3000Z
- Netgear D7000
... and many others

I think twonky will run well on these...