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Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 4:49 pm
by twonky-christian

We have released an early access version of Twonky Server 8.1 which now comes with support for audiobooks!

You can download it from here:

We are eager to receive feedback for this version here in the forum, so please try this version out!

about audiobook support:
From version 8.1 onwards Twonky Server supports the separation of audiobooks and music.
If properly tagged, audiobooks are detected through metadata. If audiobooks cannot be detected based on metadata (e.g. not properly tagged), the user can also assign shares to contain audiobooks only.
Audiobooks are listed in the Music navigation tree in a separate node, called “Audiobooks”. Within this node, audiobooks are sorted by categories like artist, genre, or title.

audiobooks are recognized by the following metadata:
- ID3v1 tags with the genre “Audiobook” (value 183)
- ID3v2 tags with the genre(s) configured by the ini-file option "audiobookgenres" (case insensitive)
The Twonky Server web UI allows to easily configure this list based on the genres found in the metadata of the shared music collection.
import of an iTunes database containing items tagged as “Audiobook”.

This feature does not only allow to browse more easily through audiobooks, but also enables client devices/applications to avoid shuffle and provide a resume function as demonstrated in the updated webUI.
Please note that within the folder navigation audiobooks are treated like music items.


Re: Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:05 pm
by plaramee
Hi, I have some issues to report.

The MAC OSX version of 8.1 is really unstable. I have a hard time getting scans to actually reflect what is in my library. Some entire albums have all of their songs appear twice or more. The track times are not always correctly reported, I only see "()" instead of something like "(3:05)" next to the song name. The album art of MP3's does not appear in the web GUI but it does on my streamer (Simaudio's Moon MiND). Some times, the album art appears on the web GUI but not on my streamer's app.

Whenever I have problems, I trigger a rescan, but nothing gets fixed and I think it only makes it worse. I often delete the whole database so I can restart fresh, but even after that, one of the above mentioned issues is present.

Since I bought Twonky back in April, I have been able to have my library correctly constructed only once, but it didn't last long until an automatic rescan occurred and screwed it up.

I am also running the Windows version at the office and I do not seem to have those issues.

So the MAC version definitely needs some attention. Since I use it mainly at home on my MAC environment, those issues are really annoying for me.

Can somebody look at those issues? I can help by providing screenshots and logs, if needed.

Thank you

Re: Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:06 pm
by ronster
I'm using the Linux version.

So far 8.1.0rc is doing what I expect it. More so than all previous versions. Playlists function properly compared to 8.0.3, and the added switch to follow "file name" sorting in Folders category allows proper track sequence indexing of files labeled "artist" - "track" - "title"; "track" - "artist - "title". A great welcome.

In the server browser, the one page approach (versus the click to next page in previous versions) works better for very large collections. If I needed to get to a track in the middle of my collection, past versions would need hundreds of page clicks. What would be handy is a way of turning off album covers for this page and merely displaying relative links (like in 4.4.18) to speed up delivery of indexed listings. It's fun to see the album covers and I like it - but when I want really fast access, it's faster skipping the jpg's.

8.1.0rc is running well on Linux Mint 17.1 64-bit. No crashes experienced. Archive processing is very fast compared to past releases.

Re: Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:05 am
by franz4u
I try to use "Linux PowerPC glibc 2.2.5" on my nas wdlive drive, no problem with installation the only issue is that video was not indexed at all. Removed old cache and configuration - no success all video files was ignored/not added to the media database.
No problem with Songs and Photos. - downgraded to 8.0.3 everything available again - Videos, Songs, Photos.


Re: Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:43 pm
by franz4u
Hi all,
Last release of the Twonky Server 8.1.2 fixed problem of ignored video files, Thanks!


Re: Twonky Server 8.1 early access

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:50 am
by plaramee
The only problem that got fixed with 8.1.2 is the Mp3's not showing the album art on the web UI. The files appearing twice after an automatic rescan or the track time not showing up issues are still there. Can his be fixed please? It is really annoying when someone wants to keep his library clean and that songs show up twice for some albums.

Thank you.