Twonky Server 6.0.42

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Mr. H
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Twonky Server 6.0.42

Post by Mr. H » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:12 am


I had been using Twonky V 5 (running on Windows 7) happily for years, apart from an issue with cover art being downscaled to very small images. I discovered that the easiest way to fix this problem was to upgrade to V 6. So I found V6.0.38 here:

Set up Twonky to send my client full-size images, and all was good. Except! It would appear that the server stalls when my system goes to sleep and wakes up again. Sure enough, I found this page: ... rver+6.0.x

Which notes that one of the bug fixes in “” (presumably aka 6.0.39) is:

fixed: TwonkyServer stalling after system transition to sleep and/or hibernate

Unfortunately versions 6.0.39, 6.0.40, 6.0.41 and 6.0.42 are not available at

In order to fix my issue please could someone let me know any of the following:

1. Is there somewhere I can download any of V6.0.39 through 6.0.42?
2. Can I make V5 serve full-res album artwork, and if so, how?
3. Is there a version of 6 that is available at that does not stall on sleep, or do all 6 versions prior to 6.0.39 suffer from this bug?

Many thanks for reading my post.

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