Album disc sort order with Twonky Server

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Album disc sort order with Twonky Server

Post by nisacke » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:08 pm

I need to say upfront that I am very much a newbie and not a technical expert. I have trawled through Twonky forums, QNAP forums and Linn forums and found plenty of references to a similar problem to mine, but not exactly the same one and not a solution.

I have my music stored on a QNAP HS210
I am a mac user and am ripping my CD's with iTunes
I am using Twonky server 8.1.1
I am playing music on Linn Majik DSM using Kinsky or Kazoo

My problem is this...multiple disc albums play tracks in track order so Disc 1 track , disc 2 track1, disc 1 track2, disc 2 track 2 & so on. This happens in artist view, album view, artist/album view, folder view. Obviously I want to play them in the order the artist intended Disc 1 track 1, disc 1 track 2, etc.
In iTunes it is OK. In Music station on the QNAP it is OK, the problem seems to be with how Twonky is filing the tracks and therefore what Kinsky or Kazoo play. I have seen some threads on this problem in folder view. I don't want to use folder view, but in any case the problem is still there. I have also read that you can fix this by changing the view-definition.xml file, but I can't find an idiots guide on how to do this. I have figured out how to ssh into the QNAP, but that's as far as I can get.
Please help (remember I am not a tech expert, but can follow instructions!!
Thanks, Nick

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