*.m3u- files with human readable names

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*.m3u- files with human readable names

Post by JoergZ » Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:44 pm

I've just installed the 8.3 version at a WD Mybooklive. It work's fine. For the first time twonky server shows and connects internet radio links stored in a m3u playlist file. There is only a small problem: Every client shows only the http://... links and not the station names. The same list directly stored for the popular mpd player shows the human readable station name . For example here is one link from the playlist file:

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Only the http line is shown at any client and not the station name "Deutschlandfunk" from line 2. Is there a way or another playlist format that shows the station names and not the links when I use the playlist in a upnp client? Often the links a very cryptic and no one can understand what station or kind of music is represented by a link. So I want to show human understandable names.

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