Q: Add year and month sub-folder to photo keywords

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Q: Add year and month sub-folder to photo keywords

Post by ThyMaster » Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:26 pm


As I have too many photos (over 50k) I'd like to add a time tree beneath the keywords entry.
I added the following to the view-definitions.xml file:

Code: Select all

<container name='keywords' id='picture/keywords' createClass='object.item.imageItem.photo'  class='object.container' >
  <container buildon='pv:avKeywords' albumart='1' createClass='object.item.imageItem.photo' class='object.container.album.photoAlbum' >
    <container buildon='pv:year' albumart='1' createClass='object.item.imageItem.photo' class='object.container' >
      <container buildon='pv:month' albumart='1' sortcriteria='+dc:date' createClass='object.item.imageItem.photo' class='object.container.album.photoAlbum' />
Problem is, that I want to have folders (year) only below the keyword folder. Instead I have year-folders AND all keyword related files.
Any way to cut out files from the keyword folder and leave only the year folders in?

Thanks a lot in advance.

- ThyMaster

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