Twonkia Server on Linux with PS3 - Cannot Navigate "Fol

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Twonkia Server on Linux with PS3 - Cannot Navigate "Fol

Post by steven_mckenz » Wed May 30, 2007 7:57 pm

Hello all.

First off, let me say that I am sad that my PS3 has been sitting in a box for about a month, without me using it! (I just moved.) I had no idea about the 1.8 upgrade, and the allowance to access media off of other computers on the network. I think it's awesome!

After doing some research, I came onto this site. My dilemma with using WMP 11 is that all of my music is stored on my Linux Server (Ubuntu). While the main computer I use is a Windows Vista-based PC, it too accesses the music from my server. Thus, I couldn't use WMP 11 to stream data that was accessed via a network drive (I tried).

So, I came across Twonky, and gave it a shot. I downloaded it, chmod'ed the .sh file, installed it, and it was working great! At first it was giving me a crapload of unsupported data on my PS3. But then I downloaded the 4.4 Beta 2 version, and it took care of it!

So, all is well, except for ONE THING - The way I have my music stored on my server is in the following fashion:

/home -> steven -> Server_Files -> Media_Files -> Music -> Christian/Non-Christian/Christmas/Unsorted [You choose which folder to go to] -> [Artist Name] -> [CD Name].

Now, the dilemma that I have is that I can't seem to make it all the way through to my actual files. It stops at [Artist Name] (whatever it may be). It won't navigate past that. I can't get to the [CD Name], nor the songs listed in each of the [CD Name] folders.

What do you suppose the problem with that is? Does the PS3 have a number of sub-folder limitation that doesn't allow it to go that deep into a main folder? Or is it a Twonky limitation? Or is it something else that I'm completely missing, that may be in the "Music Tree" structure?

I guess I haven't tried repositioning the start of the "Sharing" folder in the settings to start at the "Music" folder, rather than the "/home" folder, but before I did that, I figured I would post a question on here to see if it was something else that I was possibly overlooking.

Thanks all for the help! This is the one snag that I've hit, but if I can overcome it, then I will definitely be buying it to use for my PS3 for good!