Transcoding on the fly in Tw 8.4 from flac,.. to wav

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Transcoding on the fly in Tw 8.4 from flac,.. to wav

Post by luigip » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:35 am

Transcoding on the fly in Tw 8.4 for audio files to wav

I need to transcode audio files, flac into wav, because in my system the audio quality of wav is superior. I also find that twonly sounds better than other media servers that offer that capability in a easy way, so I want to stick to twonky.

After several attempts I am still not able to do it, this is what I have tried, after extensively browsing in the forum:

1. Checked that in cgi-bin the ffmpeg.location is exisiting and that ffmpeg runs

2. Created a ffmpeg-flac-wav.desc:
exec: ffmpeg -i $infile $outfile
# capabilities

3. checked that in the transcoding.db the was res element is present:

# additional audio res elements

4. restarted the server, cleared that cache: I was expecting to see both flac and wav version of the same file, but the wav did not show up

5. then tried to modify the db of the renderer Linn_DS_Music_Player.xml

adding :



but still no sign of transcoded wav appearing

Has anyone been successful in transcoding audio files on the fly with twonky 8?

Help appreciated


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