Photos are assigned incorrect dates

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Photos are assigned incorrect dates

Post by PhotoChrisis » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:42 pm

TwonkyMedia version: 8.5 (from QNAP Club)
Server hardware: QNAP TS-251
Operating System: Firmware
Media: Photos - around , 8,000
Network: Wired

Just to say - Twonky is great, I have tried various alternatives, and have bought a Twonky License - thanks guys.

So I have a problem with my photos .....
I have investigated the problem using a set of around 2,000 photos with dates from 1915 to 2000, all are JPG, all have the date they were taken, most have a defined EXIF (Date/Time Original) and all have IPTC (Date Created).
These dates are all recognisable by the EXIFTOOL (Version 10.7)


(1) Twonky seems to use only the EXIF date, and ignores the IPTC date even when this is available.
I have many photos were the EXIF date is missing, and I periodically regenerate these so it is a major problem (i.e. impossible) to go through x'000 photos to assign the EXIF date.

(2) The 2 photos from 1915 are incorrectly assigned to 2017 (the correct dates are defined in EXIF)
I'm guessing there is a cutoff date - however photos were available from 1850's and earlier, so 1915 seems rather late.

(3) One photo dated 28 Feb 2000 03:00 was also assigned to 2017 ...
I'm guessing this was due to Leap Year, last day of month, time zones etc. - but it is still a valid date

(4) Order by Date and thumbnails
Twonky appears to keep some "old" photos as thumbnails, even after "clear cache", "rescan content folders", "restart server .
Example .. Twonky uses "photo A" as a thumbnail for a "By Date" collection, where "Photo-A" was deleted several hours previously and Twonky has been restarted multiple times since. And when I expand this "By Date" collection, Photo-A is nowhere to be seen. Confusing