Need Help with Twonky/WD TV Live Setup

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Need Help with Twonky/WD TV Live Setup

Post by dondford » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:42 pm

My set is
Windows 10 to
3.68 TB Video Files to
NetGear AC 1750 Smart WiFi Router
Wired thur Ethernet Cable to
WD Tv Live to'TV via HDMI

This set up has served me well for years. Occasional changes ip Twonky Ver, routers, WD boxes ect. This set up has been working for months since replacing router and WD Box: a few days it just stopped working. The WD shows all the video files, but 98% of the files will not play. The WD Menus displays the name of the file (movie or tv episode) but the " progress circle" just keeps spinning and does not play. I have found a very few that play, but there seem to be any "rhyme or reason" as to sub-folder, file type (avi,MKV, ect) of the very few that work. I have
Restarted Twonky
Rebooted Router (I will note that wiFi connection thru Router works)
Re-installed Twonkey
Gone through the WD TV Live setting.
I have tried the WD Wireless setup, didn't work.
The WD box will play content on "Local Source" from thumb-drive

Pulled what little hair I had out.
I am not a techie type, so Please help me out guys. What am I missing.

Thanking you in advanced for any assistance.