Runescape Mobile Anniversary and BH Hotspots

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Runescape Mobile Anniversary and BH Hotspots

Post by wowclassicgp » Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:00 am

According to RS3, the popular Treasure Hunter Oddments will be reworked. They have made some wonderful new changes. can't wait to share the details with you. Besides, we have full stock cheap rs gold for sale with instant delivery! is always best site for you to buy runescape 3 gold and safe! Now let's check the latest changes of Treasure Hunter Oddments together!

According to dev team, they want to make Oddments more satisfying, while providing alternative ways to obtain some types of rewards. And here are the new changes they are going to make!

First off, they will be improving the Oddments exchange rate on all items – this will mean you receive double or triple the Oddments (depending on gem rarity). The price of items in the Oddments Store is also increasing slightly, but the end result is that the whole Oddments process will net you more than it did before.

As a bonus, they have also doubled everyone's Oddments balance! Plus, devs have added some new items to the oddments Store (Proteans, Small Portable Packs and Magic Notepaper) and tweaked the price of items to offer greater rewards for Bonus XP options over Direct XP (for instance, Lamps are more expensive while Stars and Pulse Cores are cheaper). In the future dev will be limiting both the number of items that can be purchased and adjusting how Oddments are obtained.

Also, RS3 devs are busy working on a few small projects as part of our Epic Jam, a two-week long adventure where they try new things and find out what might and might not work for the game. Here's a sneak peek at some of the things they've been getting up to:

- Untitled Waterfowl Update (uwu)

- Elemental Workshop 5-7

- Golden Clue Scrolls

- Araxxor Quest

- GE History Pins

- Ripper Demon Pet

- Elite NPC Droptables

- Pet XP Broadcasts

- Legendary Beast of Burden QoL

- Vorago QoL

Above is the upcoming new features in RS3. will reveal more details for you. Please stay tuned on our site! As mentioned above, we offer you cheap rs3 gold and top services to help you enjoy a better game experience! RS3 Treasure Hunter Oddments New Features upcoming!

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