Can I change the web access port number?

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Can I change the web access port number?

Post by HDPete » Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:52 am


I have a Buffalo Terastation Live NAS server which I have installed Twonky 4.4 beta on and I want to be able to access the content from my workplace.

However, the workplace has very strict lockdowns on tcp ports that are allowed and basically, the only port that is usable is port 80 (http).

My router can't apply PAT (port address translation) eg. port 80 to 9000 so I am reliant on NAT only. (It's a Zyxel 2602-HWL).

Is it possible to configure Twonky to accept incoming web access on port 80? If so, I can simply configure my router to forward any port 80 incoming requests to the NAS IP address on the local LAN.

Can someone please tell me if it's possible and what needs to be done. Alternatively, any other sensible advice greatly appreciated!