MAC vs. PC

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MAC vs. PC

Post by srammij » Thu Jun 21, 2007 5:39 pm

... ask and you shall receive... ... unked.html

Mac vs. PC The study of how Macs compare to PCs
PC myths debunked
PCs are cheaper
PCs are the same
X vs XP
Wintel experience needed
Old Macs have problems
Misc. Mac Complaints
Which is more powerful
MIS Mismanagement
What they aren’t saying
Why standardize on Mac

What you can do
What can Apple do?

Why Macs Are The Best Choice:

Our local school district’s (publicly made) explanations for abandoning our $10,000,000± Mac investment, center around the following contentions:

Myth #1
"Windows/PCs are cheaper."
Response: Just not so. Despite sometimes having a slightly higher initial purchase cost, Macintosh computers have substantially lower TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Learn More!

Myth #2
"There’s no real difference between Macs and PCs."
Response: There are BIG differences. For instance, compared to Windows PCs, the Mac OS is easier to learn, requires fewer keystrokes for similar tasks, and results in much higher user productivity. Learn More!

Is this still true for Windows Vista?
Of course! Mac OS X is significantly better than Windows Vista. Learn More!

Myth #3
"Students need a Windows/PC experience."
(Variation: "Schools should be using Windows/PCs since more businesses do.")
Response: Agree that Windows experience could be worthwhile! But educating students on computers involves MUCH more than exposing them to Windows. Macs can also run a Windows or Linux operating system simultaneously, for FREE, essentially providing two+ computers for the price of one. And there are at least TEN GOOD REASONS why schools should NOT use computers based on what businesses use. Learn More!

Myth #4
"There have been problems with our existing Macs."
Response: Macs are VERY reliable. Compared to Windows PCs, Macs are MUCH easier to support — and when properly maintained, they experience FAR fewer problems. Furthermore, Macs are more secure — e.g. they are MUCH less prone to virus attacks. Learn More!

Myth #5
"Mac statistics are outdated, etc."
Response: In communications with school MIS personnel, an assortment of other Mac criticisms came out. Contentions about our statistics being outdated, about the quantity of Mac software available, about Apple single-sourceness, etc. are simply NOT LEGITIMATE. Learn More!

Myth #6
"PCs are faster than Macs"
Response: First of all, in a school setting, speed is hardly paramount. Secondly, for business and school related application usage, the performance of Macs is equal to or better than high-end PCs. Learn More!

And More...
Now that we’re rolling, I’ve added some other pages to fill out the picture even more:
MIS Management
Everything You Want To Know About Microsoft
Testers and Switchers
What PC Advocates Aren’t Saying
Why Use Macs — Summary


Please note:

* In our attempt to keep things brief and to the point, our Position pages provide only a representative SAMPLE of the available research.

* The sources of the research data presented here are not only schools, but also businesses (i.e. the places that supposedly only use PCs). Furthermore, I have primarily chosen places that have had first hand experience with both the Windows and Macintosh computer platforms.

* Based on the nature of this site, I will continue to periodically add new information as warranted, and when I have the time. (Every section page has a date at the bottom so you can see its version.)

If you have any constructive comments or suggestions about this page, please email John.


What's this comment about Macs not being good at performing tasks? Please show me something that proves that a Windows machine can perform better at multitasking... please.

Why is it that Vista is a total rip off of Mac OSX?
If Windows is better... why would they copy Mac? Why did Gates steal the GUI from Apple... (and yes i know Apple took it from Zerox, but they weren't doing anything with it.)

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Post by THE REVENGE » Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:04 pm

3% of all PC's are Mac's!

3% of all Car's are Ferrari's!

Some people know quality when they see it,
and don't care to pay more to get more !

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Post by srammij » Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:33 pm

AHHH hahah.. nice!!!

you make a good point there!


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Post by mgillespie » Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:41 pm

The first post are all vaid points, HOWEVER, it only tells part of the story, mainly it does not even mention anything about incompatability of Mac, with regards to software and hardware.

While apple have pretty much addresses some of the old problems with file interchange with PC's, there is still the crippling base software and hardware support.

This is my ONLY problems with Macs.

I ask a single question, if the Mac is so great, why is there any need for Bootcamp?

PS. I am all up for open and constructive debate on this, but if this tread turns into a bitchlist or gets personal, expect to see the entire thread deleted...
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Post by srammij » Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:33 pm

Why do they have BootCamp? Because they are accommodating their customers. They are giving them the opportunity to run Mac Osx or Windows on their Apple Machine. I think this makes Apple Computers pretty versatile. You don't see PC's (windows) accommodating for the Apple community... it's because they're biased.

The reason why more people are using PC's, is because when the PC race began, Microsoft got in the door... they hooked with all the bigtime companies like IBM and designed all of their software for businesses. This made computers a bit more widespread. Most if not all businesses started using computers, and everything was MSDOS... then Windows. It was more popular and became the standard.

I'm kind of glad this happened because it pushed off Apple into a different direction, which allowed them to become more innovative and experimental.

Microsoft is doing very little if anything to accommodate the Apple community. They stopped making Window Media Player for the Mac. A lot of people don't like Windows... aside from virus and vulnerabilities in part because Microsoft is somewhat of a Monopoly. That's why there's been a lot of problems.. they buy out smaller companies so they can dominate, remember Netscape.. the had a browser you could buy.. well that had to stop that because Microsoft made their browser for free so that Netscape would go out of business... there was a lawsuit.

I'm sorry but I guess i am biased to liking Apple more... i admit. Their philosophy is Think Different. The company was started by hippies... they wanted to make computers some more than just a number cruncher, and they did. I don't like big brother, and i don't like huge evil corporations that suck the life out of people, like the gas companies, and i certainly don't like Microsoft.

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Post by srammij » Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:52 pm

I'd also like to add... one of the big reasons why people prefer Windows over Mac, is because of the fact that Windows has a higher install base, more game designers make games for Windows. This makes sense. If you were trying to sell a product, and 500 million people used Windows (just saying for example), and only 10 million used Mac, why would you waste time developing for Mac... you're going to make a lot more money if you just stick to making things for Windows. That doesn't mean that Windows is better... just means that more people are using it.

I'm happy to say that that's starting to change... one of the biggest games right now... World of Warcraft is made for Mac and Windows... and the best part is, is that Blizzard designs their games so that all the game files work on both systems, so there's no need to make sure you have the right version.

EA just announced that they're bring their big titles to the Mac. ... es-to-mac/

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Post by GregiBoy » Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:53 am

I think I've heard this style of argument before. Now I remember, it was something to do with VHS vs Beta.



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Post by wideasleep1 » Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:41 am

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