define starting folder??

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define starting folder??

Post by prmusic » Wed Aug 08, 2007 6:17 am


I am running TwonkyMedia 4.4 on a Media Server. My Folder structure is quite large and it looks like that TwonkyMedia is supporting 9 or 10 levels only. Means I can browse via the folder structure to the last level but cannot see the files in it.

Is there a possibility to define the starting folder which Twonky shows in the first place?

Currently it shows in the music tree the following selection:
step 1 -> connect to Twonky Server
step 2 -> choosed 'Musik' (first category offered by Twonky)
step 3 -> choosed 'Folder' (browse by folder)
step 4 -> choosed 'root' (name of the Volume -> using a NAS)
step 5 -> choosed 'Eigene Music' folder
step 6 -> choosed 'CDBOX' (name of a sub category)
step 7 -> choosed 'A' folder (sub category for each letter in the alphabet)
step 8 -> choosed 'Interpret name' (folder for each interpret)
step 9 -> choosed 'Album name' (folder for each Album)
After step 9 the tracks should be displayed but doesn't. No error message shown - simply no reaction.

Is there a possibility to skip step 4 and 5 and jump directly to the folder named in step 6?
I don't want to change my entire folder structure to reduce the number of levels.