iphone app coming soon

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iphone app coming soon

Post by michelle21 » Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:55 am

Feeling a little down that tversity supports the Iphone but not twonkyvision
Well my application to be released soon is a upnp browser for the iphone that will work with twonkyvison media servers.

I posted a demo video to youtube but here is a advanced look. I'm thinking first release sometimes in October.

Consists of a server and web 2.0 application .


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Post by dcstamm » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:35 am

Sweet! I gotta get that when it's done.

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Post by michelle21 » Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:00 am

dcstamm wrote:Sweet! I gotta get that when it's done.
Thanks we think so too.

Dedicated website coming soon, Maybe tomorrow. More youtube videos coming too, first time we ever did that and it was actually a cry for developers to help us. We are just a few , with little time and a lot of ideas.

Were moving fast on this, from what we find on google, it doesn't look like anyone else is trying anything to this level.

Best I've seen before, is streaming via php or apache.

We are targeting real media servers.

So far we have tested

Elgato Eyehome
Dlink ( the media server that comes with the dms 320/520)

we tested nero , can't get it to work yet.

We are trying to get beyond tv to work, our holy grail is live tv streaming, something thats going to be real hard without rtsp.

Guess which media server works the best.

No , surprise, because its the same on windows, macs and dedicated media players.

and the winner is TWONKYVISION

This is a fantastic media server, and the fact it can be made to work with the Iphone is really nice, hopefully Apple will release a 3g version soon.

But we kind of find that most people use the wifi to watch movies so edge doesn't factor that much.

Personally I think if we make this product work, it will be good for twonkmedia.

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Post by nathangr » Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:31 pm

Are there any news regarding that project?
Any links (also beta)?

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Re: iphone app coming soon

Post by abramsh » Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:37 pm

you might want to check out plugplayer - http://plugplayer.com

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Post by michelle21 » Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:24 am

nathangr wrote:Are there any news regarding that project?
Any links (also beta)?
Well we've been away for a long time , we kind of gave up on media streaming having kind of luke warm "success" with our web based player. We learned a lession I think a lot of developers are first learning now. Mobile safari is Does not make a good media server client.

Havening gone in a lot of directions we finally came full circle and decided to create a native iphone client. We know of only two upnp clients that work good with the iphone plugplayer and airvideo and about a dozen that barely work.

both have positives and negatives , and the former seems to be confined to your local network.

What fun is streaming video if you can't watch it for the airport or your local starbucks. Seriously/

We have been searching the web for a transcoding server, Does anyone know if twonkyvisions transcodeing is compatable with the iphone. We don't have the newest version of the twonkyvision server yet.

The previous version of twonkyvision works great with our app for mp4, m4v, mov formats. As well as all pictures and music.

We have tested our app with the following servers , twonkyvision did as well as the first two and outperformed the last.


When you ask, January we think... You say you heard that before... Well this time we are in private beta 3 and are just cleaning up the ui. We have done extensive testing that proves our conclusion you can only do proper streaming with a native app.

Here's our new project page.

http://sol3.typepad.com/tagalong_develo ... capes.html

http://sol3.typepad.com/tagalong_develo ... idate.html

If you start at the home page to the blogs, there is a lot more code, storyboards and photos of the app.- Yes it does have support to save images from the servers to facebook. And while your at it you will be able to browse your albums and your friends albums.