Still in trial mode after purchase

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Still in trial mode after purchase

Post by michelr » Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:51 pm


I used TwonkyMedia 4.4.1 in trial mode for a few hours and then decided to buy it. I couldn't enter the purchased license key (the info page was showing the trial key and not allowing to change it), so I uninstalled the server (full uninstall, including deleting the config/data directory.) After I reinstalled it, I was able to enter the purchased key, but the server is still running in trial mode: It disconnects after 30 minutes.

I was in contact with accounting regarding the trial key, and they told me to stop the server (I assume this is done by stopping the service?), then delete the config file. I did that, entered the purchased key again, and yet I still get disconnected after 30 minutes.

I'm not using wireless or anything, and other servers like TVersity never disconnected in the past, so it seems like the server really is stuck in trial mode. There doesn't appear to be anything Twonky-related in the registry, so that's not it. Sounds to me like the perfect example of copy protection penalizing honest people. lol

Anyone here had run into this problem and knows how to fix it? Call me crazy, but my idea of fun is not to reconnect a media server every 30 minutes. :D