memory Problem with MSS II

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memory Problem with MSS II

Post by loader » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:41 pm

Hey everybody,
I have running the aktually TwonkyVision on my Maxtor Shared Storrage II.
Everything is perfekt, easy install, easy settings,...and i can listening teh music on my Roku.
But there is one problem, I have of my Harddrive 10000 Song, and my Twonky supports only 6428 Songs.

Twonky Vision Supoort had tell me that is a memory Problem, but I dont thing so...!
My Twonky tell me i have maximum 15000 memory and there are aktually 1991 busy.
Normally there must very much free for my music.

In my settings I have selected the standard music tree.
On the monky Clearence point I have only one folder insert. "/share/Michael/Musik", there are all my subfolders and mp3.

I hope you're can help me.
Best regards from germany,

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Post by mgillespie » Thu Aug 30, 2007 7:48 pm

If Twonky support told you that the MSS has too little memory, and reduce the complexity of your navigation, then that's what you have to do.
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Post by Kos » Fri Aug 31, 2007 11:30 am

The MMS2 will easily handle that amount of songs. My Twonky (on MSS+) uses 6000KB of the 20000KB available to serve 22000 songs. Try to rebuild the Twonky database and do a rescan. This might help.

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Post by loader » Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:44 pm

mhmm can you tell me how a can rebuild the twonky database?

I think Twonky can't handle all my Folders and subfolders at one Mediafolder.
If there are to much songs inside the folders, twonky ignores much of this songs.
I have try it to build more Media Folders, there it is much better and twonky listing me very more songs, but it damage all my own Folder Strukture.
I would like to have the same Folder strukture on my PC, and on my Soundbridge.


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Rebuid database option

Post by glaserd_prof » Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:50 pm

Rebuild Database is a menu option off TwonkyMedia Configuration-> Support-> Troubleshooting (left sidebar navigation).

My experience with MMS+ and Twonky's newest version is that Twonky can easily handle my 11,000 tracks however the Navigation structure needs to be incredibly lame (ie about as basic as it can get) and the Soundbridge displays will present duplicate entries on the first level display (this is reported by numerous other users).

Don't hold your breath for Twonky to respond with fixes as they're apparently deaf to the issues. Ref ... t=pathetic
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Post by loader » Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:25 pm

Hello glaserd_prof,

Thank you for your instructions.
I have rebuilt my Database, but the problem is alive.
Now I have the music tree minimized to only Folders. and my actually Memory is 1800 from 15000.
I dont know what I can do.
Twonky list me everytime 9593 files, but I have more files.
My antuelly Folder structur is:

Code: Select all

/share/Musik/1/        (13.76 GB / 3061 files)
/share/Musik/2/        (10.55 GB / 2317 files)
/share/Musik/3/        (5.88 GB / 1415 files)
/share/Musik/4/        (10.23 GB / 2083 files)
/share/Musik/5/        (4.94 GB / 876 files)
/share/Musik/6/        (679 MB / 85 files)
Where are the 300 music files?

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test approach

Post by glaserd_prof » Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:02 pm

Too many holes at this point to say.

If you're up for the adventure (obviously you are considering the amount of time you've blown is probably close to the amount of time I've blown) I'd suggest a little reality check. It sounds like your current config is easy to restore so I'm suggesting a little test that seems like it should reveal some solution if disparities exist.

First rule of thumb with databasers is that they need to "know their data".

First of all confirm that some other Media tool can indeed match the count of tracks you're intending Twonky to display...bottom line here is that the media tags need to be providing the info that the tools are looking for. With all the mucking around w/my tracks I know I should have X tracks total. When I run Winamp against my library I get X tracks so I have a pretty good idea that my library is reliable. Likewise when I compare my Winamp track count with my Twonky track count it matches exactly.

1) Twonky Media Configuration-> Basic Setup-> Sharing... you might want to ensure you have a single location defined and checked (ex) /share/Musik

Twonky will recurse the structures below Musik; I know this single location results in a track count probably exceeding the track count maximum Twonky sez it has but my experience and many others say Twonky's limit information isn't valid.

2) Save changes to this page if you made any...simply blowing out of the page won't save your changes.

Note Step 3 assumes you have your library in an Artist/Album model...if not simply change Artist/Album references to whatever matches your existing model. Just remember to throw the word "test" in there so you differentiate it from something that might occur by default.

3) Twonky Media Configuration-> Advanced Setup-> Music Tree...
3A) on the lower portion of the page change the Navigation Tree Setup to Custom.
3B) on the upper portion of the page at Music Node 1 input something along the lines of Test Artist by Album.
3C) at Type select Artist in 1st position and Album in 2nd position.
3D) at ABC just leave these settings on the dash as I've found this to be a poorly disciplined criteria and it makes sense only in very limited setups (in other words this criteria and its display wasn't thought out very well).

4) Save changes if you made any.

5) Rebuild the database.

With only the single Test Artist by Album node it should rebuild rather quickly. When its finished take a look at the music track counts listed on the i icon and also take a look at the node display on that cutesy eyeball/clefnote/thing icon...between the 2 of these there should be good indication as to whether everything is getting picked up or not.

To review your library on the Soundbridge you'll need to take extra navigation steps and go thru Browse -> Browse Server Containers to find your customized Test Artist by Album node. Don't get too excited if you see a lower # count flashing by on your Soundbridge during the feed as in my experience Twonky has never passed a count to the Soundbridge fast enough to actually see a valid # display there.

If your count is low after this test I'd say the next step to is to look at the track level...structure, tags, or format etc etc.
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