Live-TV and twonkymedia

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Live-TV and twonkymedia

Post by smax » Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:13 pm


I use the vlc ( on a linux machine (ip: to receive a TV-program over DVB-S (Astra 23.5E).
This works fine with the command:
vlc -vvv -I dummy --color dvb:// :dvb-frequency=12551000 :dvb-srate=22000000 :dvb-adapter=0 :programs=12160 --sout '#duplicate{dst=std{access=http{mime=video/mpeg},mux=ts,dst=,sap,group="BT-TV",name="Bloomberg TV Germany"}}'

Now, I want to use twonkymedia to stream the Live-TV to my UPnP clients.
I have imported the vlc.import.playlists with the content:

#TITLE:Bloomberg TV Germany

From another computer I can see the "Live-TV/Bloomberg TV Germany" (Videotree) in Twonkymedia-mediabrowser and with the gxine browser-plugin I can see the live-stream from the satellite.
On my Hard- and Software UPnP clients I see the Videotree, but when I select "Bloomberg TV Germany" to show, this dosn't work.

Has anyone a idea what I am doing wrong?
Has anyone sucessfully received a Live-TV signal and streamed it over the upnp twonkymediaserver?

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Re: Live-TV and twonkymedia

Post by Flipit » Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:35 pm


I've been trying this for a while with my dreambox 500+. Not sure if it's a stream problem or dreambox. Anyway...

First off I recommend you try changing #DEFAULT-EXTENSION:mpg to #DEFAULT-EXTENSION:ts as it appears to be a transport stream your sending to the PS3 If this works, I recommend re-encapsulating the ts into a program stream (ps) since the PS3 is better geared to support these... you may find you have no sound but a picture with ts..

good luck... let us know if you get it going..