Multiple instances of MediaServer

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Multiple instances of MediaServer

Post by crosby » Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:14 pm

I have installed two instances of Media Server on a windows server machine with two IP addresses. Each is told to listen on a different address and this is verified with netstat -a for port 9000 TCP and the two web management interfaces work as expected.

However, when I use any of the clients, they only see one server. Sometimes it is one, sometimes it is the other.

Why would this not work?


[size=9]TwonkyMedia version 4.4.2
Operating System Windows 2003 Server
Client(s) and their software version: Receiva, Phillips and Intel AV Media Controller uPnP demonstration application
Network type: Both Wired/Wireless[/size]

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Post by crosby » Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:12 pm

I needed to put a number in parenthesis after the name of the server. Giving the two instances different server names is not enough:

Server 1: "His Music(1)"
Server 2: "Her Music(2)"

Now it works!

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Help needed to set up multiple instances

Post by blacky » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:29 pm


could you maybe help me setting up two instances? I am not a computer specialist and so I have no idea what that means installing on a server with two ip-adresses. How do you do that?
I have an Windows XP installed on a PC. I use DHCP within my network. I tried to install twonky vision media two times. Each in a different folder. Is that enough?

Looking forward to hearing / reading from you.
Thanks in advance.


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Post by drgaston » Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:13 am


Running multiple instances of Twonky is a bit complicated, if you don't understand or are not confirtable with the following steps I suggest you find another solution.

1- your server must have a fixed IP address (no DHCP), and you will need to add another IP address through the advanced TCP/IP properties

2- install Twonkyvision once, but you need to create 2 subdirectories inside the Twonkyvision directory to host your configuration files.
Note: trust me, create these sub-directories, do NOT store the configuration files inside the main Twonkyvision directory ...
For example: server1 and server2 sub-directories

3- create the configuration files in these subdirectories, either by copying another configuration file or configuring through the web interface. Note the following parameters:
- each server must be assigned to a distinct, single server address, ie. ip=<fixed_ip_assigned_to_your_server> in config file
- each server must have a different name, followed by a number in parentheses, ie. friendlyname=<name1> (1) and <name2> (2) in config file
- configure the database and cache directories to be inside of each sub-directory, so for server1:
cachedir=C:/Program Files/TwonkyMedia/server1/twonkymedia.db/cache
dbdir=C:/Program Files/TwonkyMedia/server1/twonkymedia.db
Of course, change as appropriate for server2

4- at startup, launch the Twonkyvision servers with the parameters:
-inifile "C:\Program Files\TownkyMedia\server1\twonkymedia.ini" and
-inifile "C:\Program Files\TownkyMedia\server2\twonkymedia.ini" respectively

If you want to set this as a service, you will need to use the instsrv utility and do a bit of registry tweaking to add the "-serviceversion -inifile <full_path>" to the service command line


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Re: Multiple instances of MediaServer

Post by twostream » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:52 pm

drgaston's post was very helpfull for me. 2 Instances with V4.4 run fine in application mode. Installation of 2 services worked also for me. But I got stuck when applying the parameters for the individual ini files.
I tried several notations, but got nothing else working then the Standard setup using an .ini located in C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\thomas\Anwendungsdaten\TwonkyMedia\twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini.
I tried for example:
for parameters/Application under the twonky service
D:\Programme\TwonkyMedia\twonkymedia.exe -serviceversion -inifile "D:\Programme\TwonkyMedia\2\mediaserver2.ini"
for parameters/Application under the twonky service
for paramters/AppParameters
-serviceversion -inifile D:\Programme\TwonkyMedia\2\mediaserver2.ini

Has anybody a working setup with two service instances and give me hint?

Best regards