Between a rock and a hard place.

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Between a rock and a hard place.

Post by HDPete » Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:12 am

Forgive me for what I fear may become a rant, but I'm rather confused as to what to do next. Perhaps you guys can help?

I am a fully paid up subscriber to Twonky and use v4.4 on my Bufalo Terastation NAs.

My clients comprise:

1) PS3 - mainly for photo viewing from NAS (Great!), but ocassional use as a music streaming client. Latest Firmware
2) Roku M2000 as the primary audio streaming client. Latest Firmware
3) Very ocassional use of Win Vista Media Player (v10?)

My audio processor is a Meridian G68 so I really want to use a lossless codec for all of my rips.

What I have discovered after an email to Twonky support is that .flac will not work with the Roku because their transcoding plug in doesn't work on the NAS platform. Additionally, the PS3 will not natively support .flac but it may do in a future Sony firmware release. They suggested that I try WMA Lossless, which I have done, but neither the Roku or PS3 will play them.

So, last night I thought I'd try Firefly (mt-daapd) which worked great and transcoded the .flac's to .wav for the Roku. It was flawless. But the PS3 wouldn't see Firefly as it isn't DLNA compliant. Additionally, it doesn't stream pictures or video which is highly desirable for the PS3. So I looked at Slimserver again and confirmed my belief that too only does audio. This is why I went with Twonky. It seemed to be the most feature rich server available to fit my needs.

I'm happy to use the Roku as the main audio client but must have lossless codecs in my rips. I'm happy to wait for the PS3 to support .flac in time.

I love the picture streaming capability (as does the wife). It just works and is so simple to use. I don't want to loose that functionality.

I want to stay with Twonky. What would you do?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by HDPete » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:32 pm

Have I understood this right?

Is it possible to take the cgi-bin source code here and compile it to run on the Buffalo Terastation?

I think I understand that Firefly uses the .flac libraries too (the same ones that Twonky uses) and I've proven last night that the ARM Terastation can cope with transcoding .flac to .wav with Firefly. If this is the case, then the actual CPU required to do it for Twonky should be about the same.

If this is true and as I'm no Linux expert, would someone be prepared to compile the code for me to give it a go?

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Post by planecrazy » Wed Oct 24, 2007 5:53 pm

I have binaries of both the CGI plugin and flac encoder for my Terastation Live (ARM based). I can provide them to you.