Multiple service instances ... broken in 4.4?

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Multiple service instances ... broken in 4.4?

Post by drgaston » Sat Dec 08, 2007 5:46 am


I need to run multiple instances of Twonky as Windows services on the same box (I'm definitely not listening to the kid's music .. and vice-versa!).

I used to do that without any issues on the 4.1 version using srvany and two different ports (9000 and 9001). I now upgraded to the 4.4 version and successfully installed the two service instances manually with instsrv, and they are launched with different configuration file situated in different directories. But here is what happens now:

- when using 2 different ports, all my devices (Omnifi DMS1 and DSM 320) have trouble connecting to either service - it seems they jump back and forth between one instance and another ...

- when using 2 different IPs, but with the same default port 9000, my devices either see one or the other, but not the two instances. So I cannot choose which device connects to which service!

Is this erratic behavior known? What would be your advice for successfully running two service instances on the same box with TwonkyMedia version 4.4?

Again, I had the exact same setup with version 4.1 and everything worked fine - all devices could see the different service instances and could browse and play either media libraries without any issues.