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Some answers...

Post by VAMET » Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:31 am

Dear stupid.illusion

I want to reply in:
...but TwonkyMedia Team don't respect us and locked that topic, because they affraid truth, so here are the answer for your post:
stupid.illusion wrote:I totally agree that Twonky should be able to stream much more stuff to the PS3.
Don't count on it, when I asked TwonkyMedia Team about support for bmp, tiff, gif, png, flv they reply, that those extensions are useless and jpg is the best and these extensions are not in their roadmap - official response from TwonkyMedia Team.

This is funny for me, because they brag that TwonkyMedia support PS3 - what?! Support PS3? PS3 has ONLY ca 10 extensions and TwonkyMedia support only few of them for PS3, this is very funny.

They don't respect PS3 community and X360, I think the biggest one group of clients, and that is the main reason, that I will not buy their license - there are FUPPES which is free and do the same and even better work for me.

Mateusz Kiczela
Lapsus Angelus

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Post by mgillespie » Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:41 pm

Actually I locked it, because you were discussing competitors products.

By starting a new thread, I must congratulate you, as you are the first person (excluding spam bots) that I have banned.
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