NAS specific builds - problem with and building tree

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NAS specific builds - problem with and building tree

Post by tigga69 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:46 am

i have around 20,000 music tracks, 7000 pics and 500 video.

i was using an earlier build on my linksys nslu2 and just bought a dlink nds-323 and downloaded the latest build and so updated my linksys at the same time.
the dlink and the linksys have identical data
the builds are the latest builds (and yes i do have two licenses for twonky)

both NAS run latest firmware.

the shares have been set to all content for the whole media directory
and repeated with (my prefered setup) of specific conent on the specific subdirectory ie pics for pics, music for music and audio books and video for video - thus eliminating sill problems like album art being picked up.

both systems exibit exactly the same problem...
1. they seem to cycle the rescan every time it is completed.
2. they don't scan my video collection

more spcifically when i select all content, the mpeg files from my digital camera and in the pics directories is detected
but none of the videos (divx, mpeg4 or vob - dvd's) are detected

most subdirectories with content are buried at least 3 or 4 levels from the parent.

i am at a total loss to the cause of the problem.

any ideas.
thanks in advance.