300 Folder Limit...

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300 Folder Limit...

Post by PaulF707 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:21 am

Hi all

I'm new to the whole uPnP streaming thing - just got a Streamium SL50i (which I know is limited, but was a very cheap way to experiment with this project) and have been trying Twonky as my server for the last couple of weeks (the Philips software is cr@p, and I can't get the SL50i to stream direct from WMP11).

I was almost at a point to pay for the full version of Twonky when i realised last night there is a 300 folder limit in Twonky (and that's why some of music is missing from the collection).

I assume this limit still applies in the 'full' version? (i.e. after you've purchased a license)

If so, how do you suggest getting over this?

I've only ripped about a 3rd of my collection so far (17Gb) and I've already got 1000 folders (just over 6000 files).

Am I going to have to create a set of 'top level' folders beneath the 'My Music' share called something like 'A-C', 'D-F' etc, move all my 'artist' folders into the relevant 'top level' folder, and then get Twonky to monitor each of my new 'top level' folders?
Is there a limit to how many folders Twonky can monitor? (I can't see me having to go further than one folder per letter, so as long as it does 26 then I can't foresee any problems).

The problem with this is that when I rip CDs in WMP, they're going to go into the rip folder. I'm then going to have to move them manually into the correct 'top level' folder, and then rebuild the WMP library to clear up the database (which is a pain).

How do you guys organise your music collections? Do you use one folder per artist, with subfolders for albums, or use another method?

Any suggestions, hints, workarounds would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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Re: 300 Folder Limit...

Post by HornedBeast » Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:07 pm

300 Folder Limit? I am yet to see this. I haven't noticed any limits with Twonky at all. What OS are you running it on and whats your system? I.E. What are you playing the media back on?

Im running Twonky 4.4.4. on Ubuntu Server 8.04, with over 600 folders of Mp3s and Videos. They all appear fine on all my media players.

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Re: 300 Folder Limit...

Post by PaulF707 » Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:06 am


I'm also running 4.4.4, but on Windows XP

The issues shows up in Twonky itself - I had the wrong total number of files showing, and browsing the Twonky server using the web browser showed that some of the albums were missing.
I've since moved all my folders in to alphabetical subfolders (A-C D-F etc) and set Twonky to scan each of those, and I know have access to all my files.

The device I was using was a Philips Streamium SL50i

I found the 300 file limit by doing a Google search, it's mention elsewhere in this forum:
http://www.twonkyforum.com/viewtopic.ph ... 97&p=18244
and also here:
http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=1 ... &sk=t&sd=a

I've since got a Streamium SLM5500 which talks quite happily to Windows Media Player 11 (which is what I originally wanted), so I don't think I'll be buying Twonky now anyway......