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Limit for m3u-playlist ?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:51 pm
by plitzi
Is ther a limitation in filesize, number of entries of mp3-files or in filename or path for a m3u-playlist?

I use Twonky 4.4.5. on an Asus WL-HDD with around 10000 of mp3-files and I created a playlist to play all of them (on a Roku-Soundbridge in random order). The m3u-files is stored in the media-directory ("../Music/_alles.m3u"). The playlist of every seperate album is stored in the directory of the correspondended directory (name with artsit and album titel "../Music/Artist-Album/artist-album.m3u") and this playlist are selectable. But the "_alles.m3u" isn't visible neither at the roku nor at the web-media-browser on my PC. How I can get this playlist visible and selectable?