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4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:15 am
by mgillespie

TwonkyVision/PacketVideo have released 4.4.6 with some bug fixes.

You can find the new version here: ... index.html ... cians.html

  • Fixed PS3 recognition that was broken for >= firmware 2.4.
    Fixed general transcoding for specific conditions.
    Fixed inotify on toplevel of content directory.

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:26 am
by k10ck3r
Anyone know if the album art problem is fixed? It was suppsed to be fixed a long time ago... (The problem is that album art for albums with '&' or other similar characters in them doesn't work)

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:33 am
by mgillespie
k10ck3r wrote:Anyone know if the album art problem is fixed? It was suppsed to be fixed a long time ago... (The problem is that album art for albums with '&' or other similar characters in them doesn't work)
DO the release notes say it is? If not, then no.

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:08 am
by ThyMaster
Hi Guys,

the problem with & seems to be fixed (at least on my PS3, FW 2.42) but they introduced(?) the ' to be the "killer" character (like all songs from the "B 52's" don't have any cover art) :(
Honestly, I worked for StarOffice (aka for more the 8 years and we had quite a lot of regression bugs but the guys from TwonkyVision beat that by far [SCNR]

Current workaround:
Download TV 5.01ß and copy/overwrite the following two files in the cgi-bin directory of TV 4.4.5:

My 2 cts

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:56 pm
by edrikk
mgillespie wrote:
k10ck3r wrote:Anyone know if the album art problem is fixed? It was suppsed to be fixed a long time ago... (The problem is that album art for albums with '&' or other similar characters in them doesn't work)
DO the release notes say it is? If not, then no.
:roll: I guess "ThyMaster" answered that question for you mgillespie. :oops:

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:48 pm
by Bappe
For all of us who are using PVConnect on HP media smart (got through HP-update).. what version should we download / can we upgrade to 4.4.6?

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:18 pm
by mgillespie
Bappe wrote:For all of us who are using PVConnect on HP media smart (got through HP-update).. what version should we download / can we upgrade to 4.4.6?
If you bought it via a 3rd party, then I suspect you have to wait for the 3rd party to update it.. Kidna sucks, but that's the way it goes.. Buy direct, get direct support.

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:17 am
by sjm
Interesting. There are PS3 (2.3 or lower) and a PS3 (2.4 or higher) client types now.

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:30 am
by k10ck3r
ThyMaster wrote:Hi Guys,

the problem with & seems to be fixed (at least on my PS3, FW 2.42) but they introduced(?) the ' to be the "killer" character (like all songs from the "B 52's" don't have any cover art) :(
Honestly, I worked for StarOffice (aka for more the 8 years and we had quite a lot of regression bugs but the guys from TwonkyVision beat that by far [SCNR]

Current workaround:
Download TV 5.01ß and copy/overwrite the following two files in the cgi-bin directory of TV 4.4.5:

My 2 cts
Hmmm .. tried that, but the & seems to still be a problem for me. Strangely, the ' isn't (My B52's album art shows up fine)

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:15 am
by drosselli

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:03 am
by geogan
mgillespie wrote:
k10ck3r wrote:Anyone know if the album art problem is fixed? It was suppsed to be fixed a long time ago... (The problem is that album art for albums with '&' or other similar characters in them doesn't work)
DO the release notes say it is? If not, then no.

Where are these release notes you speak of??? Also where is the documentation for Twonky? I'm trying to figure out how to do custom node structure and it doesn't make any sense...

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:03 pm
by mgillespie
geogan wrote: Where are these release notes you speak of???
In the RevisionHistory file;
What's new in Version 5.0 Beta 1
+ new transcoding architecture, see cgi-bin/transcoding.html for details
+ added own scaling engine and transcoding engines based on DirectShow

o added start and count param to rss feeds, sample:$805306 ... =4&count=3
o Flash files (swf) and other content can beserved from the resources subdirectory by using URLs like http://IP:PORT/resources/filename

Bug fixes:
- fixed discovery of Roku player
- fixed DeviceDescription for DLNA 1.0 compliant devices which can not handle 1.5 servers

What's new in Version 4.4.6

Bug fixes:
- fixed PS3 recognition that was broken for >= firmware 2.4
- fixed general transcoding for specific conditions
- fixed inotify on toplevel of content directory

What's new in Version 4.4.5

Bug fixes:
- set pthread stacksize to a reasonable value
- fixed numeric genres which are not mappable to id3v1
- fixed xml tags and entities in language files
- fixed SSDP messages for multihomed server
- fixed different handling of AVI for PS3

What's new in Version 4.4.4i

+ new supported clients
Denon AVR 3808

o disabled Powersafe support for WHS as this has its own Power handling
o enhanced inotify support on Linux
o all containers under Folder navigation are now of type 'object.container.storageFolder'
o clients are now enabled/disabled based on MAC addresses
o using the friendly name instead of TwonkyMedia on the RSS pages
o added support for file types: *.m2p, *.m2v, *.mp2t, *.mp2p, *.mpg2

Bug fixes:
- fixed matching filenames in playlists
- fixed endless loop when unplugging network cable
- fixed WAV for HP MediaSmart TV
- fixed streaming avi and divx files to XBOX 360
- fixed broken English translation for "album"
- fixed exif parser problem with XTitle and XKeywords
- broken jpegscaler replaced
- fixed duration for B-MP2PS_N-86.mpg, B-MP2PS_P-11.mpg, B-MP2PS_P-106.mpg
- fixed response for TIMESEEKRANGE (all upper case, as requested by Intel tools!) to 200 OK
- fixed response for range requests where start is bigger than end to HTTP_BAD_REQUEST (from HTTP_RANGE_NOT_SATISFIABLE)
- fixed that Internet Radio playlists are no longer available after a server restart
- fixed wav support for DLNA clients
- added channels 2 and frequency 44100 as default for lpcm content

Known issues:
- When picture rescaler is disabled and images do not have an embedded thumbnails
the Playstation 3 needs a long time to show thumbnails. In such a case the PS3
retrieves the whole image and downscales it by itself. On large images or when system
resources are low the PS3 is not able to show more thumbnails.
- Playstation 3 is unable to recognize some MP3 files which contain ID3v2-tags at the
beginning of the media file

What's new in Version

+ DivX and WMV support for PS3 (
+ AAC support for PS3!
+ Time information for pictures on PS3
+ added Album Artist and Album Art for OGG and FLAC
+ added rss feed support for all content types. Start with
+ enhanced generated rss XML feed by more properties
+ added webnodes seeting to .ini file to define which content nodes are accesible
through the web interface. Default setting is MPV for all content types.
e.g. set webnodes=P for sharing pictures only through the web interface.
+ new supported clients
HP MediaSmart TV
Philips WAS7000
Zyxel DMA-1000
OXX Alto music player
Ziova DMP
Loewe Connect TV
TA music player
Denon AVR-3808

o upload can now be enabled/disabled through the uploadenabled flag
o different directories for upload for music/picture/video can be set now
o revised EXIF parser for pictures which extracts date information and thumbnails
o added apl file extension for AAC files
o album art is now scaled to JPEG_TN (DLNA) 160x160
o enhanced performance of JPEG scanner
o on rpc/rescan all files in the given content directories will be scanned again,
not just 'new' files
o configpage URL is changed to

Bug fixes:
- fixed duration info for AVI files
- fixed WMA album artist now also used as artist - if artist is missing
- fixed that VISTA goes to power safe mode while streaming
- made sure that bye bye message of server is send before a new alive message is send
- added new command line parameter -D to daemonize twonkymedia
- fixed broken iTunes import
- fixed thumbnails for Loewe Connect
- remove cache of transcoded content on database rebuild to free up used disk space
- fixed playlist update problem
- fixed problem that playlist are not removed from database
- fixed DSM-320 DivX streaming problem
- fixed WPL playlists containing special characters
- fixed sort of picture folders on webbrowse interface
- fixed album art for m4b files
- speed improvements on Exif parser
- use WAV file name notation always to fill in missing metadata
note: as WAV files do not carry metadata please use a naming schema like
- bind with reuse option to port 1900

Known issues:
- if the server runs on a system with multiple NICs it disappears from time to time from the PS3
fix: you need to set the IP address of one NIC in the server configuration
- on some systems SMS style navigation with Philips clients seems not to work.
this can not be reproduced in our environemt.
- we list up to 25 radio stations per genre. it may be less if duplicate stations occur
- removable and network drives are not supported
- Zyxel DMA-1000 only supports very few Shoutcast radio stations
- PS3 does not support any Shoutcast radio stations
- Opera and Mozilla can not play back Shoutcast radio station (need Quicktime plugin)
- can not support video thumbnails on XBOX360 and WMV, as these break divx playback :-(

What's new in Version 4.4.2

Bug fixes:
- fixed thumbnails URLs are now offered after original URLs, so that simple clients
which take just the first URL display full size images

What's new in Version 4.4.1

o support for webbrowse-js addon
o support for XP/VISTA power safe modes

Bug fixes:
- fix for Noxon 2 detection, now also ignores wrong Noxon 2 sort criteria
- for MP3 ID3 tags which are using ASCII tags:
support for codepage ini file setting
use 932 for ShiftJIIS
use 936 for GBK (chinese)
use -1 to disable all conversions and stick to ASCII
- path to app directory and ini file is now stored in the registry during setup
this should fix the problem that license keys from the service version of the
server are not found by the interactice one and vice versa
"dir"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\user\\Application Data\\TwonkyMedia"
- if installed as service the twonkymedia icon now just launches the web config pages
and not an additional server
- support for mts and m2ts files
- ignore PNG album art in MP3 files
- accept large MP3 headers
- fixed DSM-320 video problem (it requested a subtitle and got the whole video,
which caused either stuttering playback or hangups)
- Philips TV identified now by user agent header: Philips-Software-WebClient
needs to disable picture scaling

Known issues:
- if using network drives on Windows please set scan time to 0 or positive values,
event based scanning will not work here!

What's new in Version 4.4

new Features:
+ PS3 support (MP3,WMA,JPG,MPEG1,MPEG2,some MPEG4), no Internet Radio possible
+ Intel MAC support
+ replaced javascript mediabrowser by generated HTML pages (webbrowse)
+ new remote access via web browser

o added duration for most mpeg files, this enables the PS3 to FF/REW
o improved mpeg parser
o on Windows now use Application Data folder for database and other app data, should no
longer require to start as Admin on VISTA now

Bug fixes:
- fixed mp3 parser for UTF-8 char codes
- sort criteria for playlists fixed
- artist removed from default sort criteria
- date removed from default sort criteria
- fixed device description
- fixed default extension for video playlists
- fixed m4v mime type
- fixed randomize playlists
- fixed duration for mp3 with large headers

on remote access setup:
set dyndns in .ini file to
set httpremoteport in .ini file to 9100
forward 9100 on the firewall to the server
use to access content
you should also set username and pwd on the config pages for secure access
you may use stunnel as well to protect the access even more...

What's new in Version 4.3

new Features:
+ XBOX 360 features: folder browse on videos, mpeg4 and aac support, resume on videos
+ revised CD Key handling and trial version
+ support for Nokia N95 with upload

o changed default sort to: +upnp:artist,+upnp:album,+upnp:originalTrackNumber,+dc:date,+dc:title
o added mime type conversion to client DB file
o added time stamp to windows log file
o enhanced debug output on file scanning and playlist reading
o fixed enableweb=3, needs DYNDNS setting as well
o TwonkyMusic is discontinued from 4.3 on

Bug fixes:
- fixed library update message on MCW770
- search now delivers all titles with same name if these are from separate artists

What's new in Version 4.2

new Features:
+ client device security (enable/disable server access per client)
+ web configuration pages can now be secured by username/password
+ enable/disable folder shares without removing them completely
+ simpler setup (pre-select most common used navigation trees)
+ support for .wmv video streaming for XBOX360
+ support for WMP11 on VISTA
+ added subtitle support for Philips streamium clients
+ added subtitle property to video objects pv:subtitlefile
+ revised client database (no longer single settings for each client needed)
+ support for Album Art files created by WMP
+ new revised database with faster scan times
+ revised file scanning
+ improved mpeg4 metadata scanner
+ additional content formats
+ additional clients supported

o changed Winamp support - just set the path to the installed Winamp
media library where the playlists and the m3u8 files are located as
part of the shared diectories, e.g.
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ml

Bug fixes:
- re-scaling for pictures is now proportional
- fixed album sort order for Netgear EVA 700
- fixed file system eventing
- a number of layout fixes for the Media Browser
- fixed file scanner terminating on files with a date before 1970
- fixed that the uri cache is growing and does not re-use existing uris
- fixed upper/lowercase problems with playlist handling on Windows
- fixed wpl scanner crashing on invalid wpl files
- fixed handle leak on thread creation under windows
- fixed manual registration of trial version
- removed non working Internet Radio for Yamaha which can do this native
- fixed several playlist problems

Known issues:
- directories containing single quotes (') can not be selected on the web config pages for sharing
- no FF for MPEG videos on DMS-320
- Linux users with a Netgear MP101 need to use the the 'Netgear MP101 RTP' client setting.
To apply this setting the server needs to be restarted.
- VISTA setup:
if there is an error message on setup please set “User Access Control” to off
- MediaBrowser playback depends heavily on Browser setup and installed plugins
- WMP11 will sometimes first download a video before starting playback, this
depends on the codec. Best format for streaming video with WMP11 is WMV.

What's new in Version 4.1
new Features:
+ support for .mov and .tp files

o changed wording on update license information

Bug fixes:
- Shoutcast scanner is no longer invoked every minute
- fixed mem leak on Shoutcast import
- m4a scanner fixed
- installer for DS101g+ fixed
- on DSM-320 disabled picture rescale as this leads to bad quality

What's new in Version 4

new Features:
+ support for PSP, on http://serverip:9000/rss a PSP can now get feeds for all
local music and also for Shoutcast radio stations!
Note: the webpage supports all folders with a depth of one level only
+ support for file system eventing (Windows and inotify on Linux)
+ support for asian character sets
+ support for database plugins to import data from different sources
+ support for CGI and transcoder plugins
+ inbuild MediaBrowser
+ enhanced config pages (e.g. browse to content directory)
+ DLNA: support for create object and destroy object
+ support for Podcasts
+ support for Playlist folders
+ support for Composer and %COMPOSER macro
+ added cachedir and cachemaxsize params to set the cache location for transcoded files
+ support for embedded thumbnails from JPEG pictures (no scaling required here)
+ alpha group now supported for %PATH
+ support for VLC via special video playlists
+ new option powersavemode, set this to nnn minutes and the server will not access
the disk after nnn minutes of inactivity from client side
on sleep mode DB is flushed until a client needs it again (also saves memory now)
+ support for m4a metadata
+ new ini file option startupmb to enable/disable MediaBrowser as default page
set startupmb=1 to have MediaBrowser as default page
+ enhanced TG100 support
+ autodetection of TG100
+ Track Title display on Play All
+ Faster Track change on Play All
+ support for 3gp and mp4 audio
+ support for 3gp video
+ support for m4a metadata
+ support for Philips SLA5520
+ support for YAMAHA Network Receiver
+ support for ACTIVY Media Player 150
+ support for KiSS DP-600
+ support for ATwavTAg tags:
see ... l#TOCMaker

o MediaBrowser is new default page of server, configuration can be reached via
o enhanced support for iTunes (playlist folder, videos, podcasts)
o .ini file is now stored as UTF-16
o adaptable configuration pages (based on javascript)
o Shoutcast html files must be saved with the string "shoutcast-radio" in the name
o enhanced performance on browse and search actions
o better memory utilization
o default ini file name is now always twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini and
located in the same directory where the runtime is
o much faster server announcement on startup

Bug fixes 4.01:
- rescan time > 0 works now
- better handling on license info
- TG100 no longer detected as music only client

Bug fixes 4.0:
- thumbnails on D-Link are back
- increased stability on connection (mainly WLAN streaming)
- fixed the problem that XBOX no longer displays pictures
- fixed security leak on rpc calls / only allow remote calls on enableweb=2
- fixed sort order on all tracks
- fixed sort problem on PATH
- fixed Shoutcast scanner for new Shoutcast web page format
- fixed Adobe Photoshop import for more than 256 tags

Known issues:
- usage of UNC notation in playlists may lead to playlists not showing up
- on some clients server disappears after 30 minutes, this is due to
multicast problems in the network. Please set the option upnptimeout in
the .ini file here to 60000
- language support on NAS must be either ASCII, UTF-8 or ISO8859-1 to
show up filenames correctly.
- media with '&' and '?' in the filename can not be transcoded or rescaled

What's new in Version 3.1
new Features:
+ magic playlist resolver which can OS independent find files in playlists,
you no longer need to edit your playlists if you juts copy them to Linux or
on a NAS
+ iTunes database can also now be stored on a NAS and used on a PC with iTunes
and "served" in parallel by the Server on the NAS without modifications
+ Shoutcast radio station selection
Now it is very simple to have your favourite Shoutcast stations
available via TwonkyMedia. just go to
and search/select your favourite stations there. Save the
displayed web page somewhere under the content dirs of the
server (preferred solution is to have a special folder name
like "Shoutcast stations").
When saving the web page, make sure that the title contains
somewhere the word "Shoutcast", e.g. name it
"My Shoutcast rock songs.htm"
On the next rescan the server will find this file and present
the stations under
Internet radio
-> - Favourite Stations-
-> My Shoutcast rock songs
+ new event based API for rescans
+ Internet Radio support for XBOX, Internet Radio playlists are now listed
under playlists

o improved DivX streaming for D-Link DSM 320
o improved performance again

Bug fixes:
- vTuner now also works on Linux and NAS systems
- better backward compatibility for a number of clients
- XBOX now shows all items in a container (not only 130)

What's new in Version 3.0
new Features:
+ UIC certified (UPnP Logo)
+ DLNA certified
+ XBOX 360 support (music, pictures)
+ support for vTuner Internet Radio (set radio option to 2 or 3)
+ now playing item under playlists
(when selecting this item you can listen to the same music which you have
selected on another device)
+ FLAC support
+ multilanguage support
+ performance enhancements
+ memory enhancements (normal mem usage reduced by 50%)
+ new clients like BridgeCo and Syabas Firmware based clients
+ transcoding for FLAC and mp3 (this is based on LGPL programs, flac and lame. If these programs
are not part of this distribution and you need transcoding from mp3 to wav/LPCM or from
FLAC to wav you should download these prgrams and place them in the same dir as the
TwonkyMedia runtime (TwonkyMedia.exe).
See and
+ support for new macro %KEYWORD (we use the Keywords tag to read in special comments - for iTunes
we use this tag to place the Rating info there, so by specifying musicnode10=Rating,%KEYWORD
and using iTunes you can navigate on your songs by rating)

Bug fixes:
- Adobe Photoshop Album support is back, and easier to configure now (only path to .psa file required)
- Roku Photobridge can now see video content
- content scan thread now has a low priority and should not hog the CPU any longer
- MCW770 library update message fixed

o contentdir string limit is now 5KB
o improved client detection
o improved video streaming / see also option "streambuffer"
o new option telegentclient to supress video overlay on playing multiple streams

What's new in Version 2.9.1
Bug fixes:
- fixed a memory leak on MPEG4 playback
- fixed broken picture support for TG100
- fixed OGG Vobis parser for lowercase tags

What's new in Version 2.9
new Features:
+ Windows installer
+ MAC installer
+ Live365 Internet Radio support (by playlists)
+ Folder names can be prefixed by a string to identify them in the navigation
tree (see folderprefix option)
+ new followlinks option for UNIX/Linux systems
+ Dreambox and LinVDR support
Note: the videos served can not be handled by all clients,
e.g. Dreambox can be handled by DSM-320 and TG100, but LinVDR
seems to play only on DSM-320

o improved video streaming
o improved support for Go.Video (picture)
o trial version works now for 30 minutes
o scantime can be set to -1 to prevent scanning at all (use DB only)
o removed options: videoi, idxdir, musicbuffer, picturebuffer, videobuffer
o improved RTP for Netgear, time left is now displayed, ff and rew works now
for mp3 files, wma files can be played (but no ff, rew)
o less update events send to clients to take care for "not overloading" clients
with to much info, like the MCW770 that could not play songs any longer because
it was refreshing its display ;-)
o the linux version -glibc2.2 is no longer there, because the server is now allways
linked against glibc-2.2 - so it will run on old and new distributions
o better support for search on TG100 now

Bug fixes:
- MPEG4 playback works again (mp4 mime-type was broken)
- search now works allways on DSM-320
- playlists are now allways played in playlist order ;-)
- fixed iTunes support on MAC

Known Problems:
- .vob files do not play with GoVideo clients
- LinVDR video files do not play with a number of clients
- Dreambox video files do not play with a number of clients

What's new in Version 2.8
new Features:
+ RTP/RTSP support for Netgear MP101, so that music streaming from Linux and NAS
devices now works without glitches
+ Shoutcast Radio stations can be now filtered by genre
(see options radiogenre and rawradiogenre)
+ support for OGG Vorbis files
+ search support for D-Link DSM 320
+ DivX support for D-Link DSM-320
+ DivX support for MP115

o improved Shoutcast support (less problems with Firewalls)
o new web config pages
o config page can now also be retrieved as server root page (just http://ip:port)

Bug fixes:
- Shoutcast works now with Norton Internet Security installed (still have to allow UPnP traffic!)
- .wpl playlists no longer cause 90% CPU usage on missing files
- shuffle support for *most* Philips Streamium devices
- support of special characters for Homepod (Umlaute)
- fixed upnp eventing
- MCW770 is no longer detected as Roku ;-)
- Fixed Internet Radio support for MCW770

Known Bugs:
- SMS style search is sometimes not working on Philips devices
- Webfrontend can not be redirected through Apache Server

New options:
+ param -radiogenre [genre1,genre2,...] = comma separated list of genres which must be a substring
of the shoutcast radio genre to add the station to the station list. Leave this empty to add all
stations independent of their genre. Info on genres can be found at the Shoutcast web site.
+ param -rawradiogenre [n] = to display the genres as they are retrieved direct from Shoutcast
+ param -rtpport [n] = set port for rtp server, 0 for dynamicall port allocation (for Netgear MP101 only)
+ param -netgearrtp [n] = set this to 1 to use more stable RTP streaming for Netgear MP101
+ param -homepodclient [ip1,ip2,...] = comma separated list of ip adresses of Homepod client devices.
This list is used to identify Homepod clients - if autodetection does not work.

What's new in Version 2.7
new Features:
+ implemented shuffle for Philips Streamium clients

o server sends data no longer with max speed given by network, but only with max
required speed by the codec (if info is available) (should fix the Netgear problem)
o improved playlist support to locate files from playlist when playlist have been moved across systems
(for m3u)
o rescale of pictures can be disabled for NAS devices with low mem (option norescale)

Bug fixes:
- search for Roku can be disabled to get customized tree view back
- roman numbers are not converted to upper/lowercase any longer
- fixed crash on vbr encoded mp3 files
- fixed crash on dbfile read
- artist, album and genre information now added for music containers
- added own atoll function to support MAC again

What's new in Version 2.6
new Features:
+ search for Roku clients
+ trial versions of MediaServer for NAS devices available as part of the
free MusicServer bundle

o musicserver uses different .ini file than mediaserver
twonkyvision-musicserver.ini and twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini
o changed logfile format and added timestamp
o database file is now read and written asynch.
improved performance of persistance db

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug in range header which prevented clients to play more than one song
- items could only be added once to a playlist
- give appropriate error on Internet Radio Stations which are not available
- friendly name is now part of UDN to enable multiple servers on the same system
- wrong mime type for WAV files

What's new in Version 2.5
new Features:
+ highly customizable tree view for the MediaServer (see doc for details)
+ support for compilations (iTunes)
+ support for WAV files
note: as WAV files do not carry metadata please use a naming schema like
to give as much info as possible to the server
+ support for Netgear upgrades (server can ne used to upgrade Netgear clients)
+ support for user defined name of the server (Media Server only)
+ support for Streamium quick positioning (Letter Keys) and Thumbnails
+ support for Roku search functions (except composer)
+ new option to set HTTP server port (-httpport)
+ Title and other strings are now 'cleaned', adjusted upper/lower case and
prepending strings like 'the, der, die, das ...'
+ content dir can be prepended by M| or P| or V| to strictly allow only
music, pictures or video content for a specific folder tree
sample: contentdir=M|c:\My Music,P|c:\My Pictures,V|c:\My Videos
+ new param: -inifile to set location of .ini file
+ can trigger rescan via url /rescan?[dir] or for Windows via Menu
+ WPL playlist support
+ PLS playlist support
+ security settings for web configuration page (enableweb parameter)

* radio support no longer done via getshoutcast tool, but build directly
into the server. See new numradiostations and radioreread options.
* usecwd flag no longer supported. If the server should use the current
working dir for content scans just leave the contentdir variable set to
an empty string
* winamp plugin no longer available. Winamp library and playlists can be
imported and used by the standalon version now - set the winamp property
in the .ini file or use the -winamp commandline param to specify the
directory where winamp is located

Bug fixes:
- radio proxy now follows redirect URLs
- fixed a bug where mp3 parser mixed composer tag with genre tag
- hidden and system files are no longer added to content directory
- special characters (umlaute) are now displayed correct at Noxon, this
client can not handle UTF-8 escape sequences, so until they come with
an update we use enhanced ASCII table here
- support for files larger than 2GB added

What's new in Version 2.4
Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug in HTTP server which killed interop with Streamium and
LinkSys clients
- fixed a bug that killed the first letter of folder names in the folder tree

What's new in Version 2.3:
new Features:
+ Apple Macintosh support
+ full working internal web pages to configure MediaServer
+ new option ignoredir to disable content scanner on subdirectories
with special substrings
+ "All Stations" entry under Internet Radio

Bug fixes:
- MP3 parser fixed, there were problems with a number of MP3 tags
- Album sort order fixed (was a problem of mp3 parser not getting track info)
- on Windows was the internal server started on port 8080, even when this
port was already bound to another program
- M3U files are now limited to 1MB as larger M3U files can break clients
- problem fixed with DSM-320 hangup if navigating content
(seems DSM-320 does not support content-lenght header)
- WMA parser fixed, track number now read from WM/Track and WM/TrackNumber
tags in various formats
- ini file reader fixed, can now handle files in DOS and UNIX style even
if copied across platforms
- removed Windows event monitor function for content dirs, as this blocked
renaming of files and even caused trouble when installing other programs.
Now on all systems the directory rescan is time based
- double entries for Internet Radio stations no longer accepted
- radio items now have the Genre property
- Radio proxy (Shoutcast) now resolves all available URLs for one station
until it finds one which is playable. Much more stable on radio stations

What's new in Version 2.2:
new Features:
+ Go.Video support
+ randomization of playlists via config option
+ added "ALL" entry to music tree view
+ DB sort is now case insensitive
+ autodetect of clients like Netgear to adjust main menu and shortcut
buttons per client
+ contentdir list is now a comma separated list
+ first draft of a presentation page which enables configuration via
a web browser
+ support for iTunes lib
+ added new options to commandline and configfile:
o randomize playlists
o restart server on NIC change
o always use current working directory for DB
o error mp3 file for non working radio stations

- .ini file handling and options have changed
- Radio stations are now always read by the server from a .ini file
a new tool - getshoutcast - is provided to create this file for one
time. This tool can be called one time and than the list of radio
stations can be edited by the user to only include the favorite

Bug fixes:
UPnP Mediaserver related
- new version was slower on directory scan -> resolved by tweaking the mp3 parser
- some faulty EXIF headers in JPEG files crashed the server
- server caused an exception on upnp eventing
- moving files around destoryed directory structure
- double entries for some files
- server did not release directory handles
- for MP3 tags which have "unknown" as title we now use the filename
- MediaServer Enhanced.exe did not run as a service
- MP3 scanner, memory usage was directly related to file size - large files
were a problem -> fixed by tweaking mp3 parser
- service failed to start for large DB
- when the IP switch exists it also needed to suppress NIC change actions
- DB sort was case sensitive
- System crashed on HTTP head requests for radio streams
- problems with Appleshare -> .appleshare directories are ignored now
- limit for m3u files removed (was 60KB before)
- directory scan bug in Linux version fixed which added files twice
- D-Link now can play music again (could not handle m3u files)

GoVideo D2730 Networked DVD Player related
- picture does not work -> now full GoVideo support

Netgear MP 101 related
- MP101 did not list songs in original album order -> fixed
- Full Version of MediaServer "broke" NetGear's shortcut buttons

Not fixable / not fixed:
- Netgear MP101 can not fast forward or reverse because this is feature
is only available via RTSP streaming which is not supported by the
TwonkyVision Media Server
- can not reproduce:
Netgear only plays one song of an album

What's new in Version 2.1:
Bug Fixes:
+ service version crashed on startup
+ Shoutcast Radio Stations from playlists did not play
+ JPEG parser crashed on some files
+ MP3 parser gave error on MP3 files with bad codec version information
+ fixed stack overflow bug in Windows Music Server version
+ fixed sort order of tracks

new Features
+ daemon flag for Linux version (-D)
+ up to three content dirs with param contentdir1, contentdir2, contentdir3
note: -rootdir is no longer supported!

If you have problems with the old .ini file settings, just delete the
old .ini file, it will be recreated on startup.

What's new in Version 2.00:
+ support for WMA (only non DRM protected files)
+ support for descriptions in pictures
+ support for scaling of pictures
+ support for YUV transcoding of pictures for Sony clients
+ support for videos (various formats)
+ improved Internet Radio support
+ improved handling of .ini file
+ special support for Netgear MP101 quick keys
+ special support for D-Link root menu
+ more supported clients (e.g. LinkSys)
+ support of Adobe Photoshop Album databases
+ trial version of the enhanced Media Server
+ directory scan under windows is replaced by a directory change event
routine - no unnecessary background scans any longer
+ for UNIX the rescan time can be adjusted by the commandline
+ improved handling of failed Internet Radio connections
+ support of complex search strings as issued by Sony clients, which
ignore the getSearchCapabilities response

What's new in Version 1.07:
+ we attended a UPnP plugfest and are now compliant to Philips streamium devices
+ new Winamp plugin for a renderer - now Winamp can play files from the server
when used together with a Control Point like the one from the Intel Tools
+ the Winamp plugin can be configured to a specific IP address in the Winamp.ini file
+ fixed playlist suppport for UNIX version
+ for album we now give the client a M3U file, it should be easier for clients
now to play complete album's and not only one track.
Unfortunately the Netgear MP101 does not make use of this feature.

What's new in Version 1.06:
+ quite a number of Bugs fixed in LINUX version -> tested on Redhat, Debian and Suse
+ new option -ip to bind the server to a specific NIC
+ new options to give server side sort strings for containers, music tracks
and pictures, playlist sort order is never altered (see -ds -ms -ps)
+ default sort for track now uses track number as main sort criteria
+ enhanced threading
+ more robust HTTP handling
+ rescans directory tree every 5 minutes

What's new in Version 1.05:
+ LINUX version!
+ better support for low latency networks which prevented browsing after
server detection (HTTP packet fragmentation)
+ standalone server automatically rescans shared directories and updates
server tree
+ supports now more formats of m3u playlists
+ server with better organized tree (deeper) now available for a small
registration fee

What's new in Version 1.04:
+ support for Shoutcast Radio streaming (tested with MP101 and
Sony Network Media-Receiver)
+ the standalone version can be installed as NT-Service which runs
in the background (-install and -uninstall parameter)
+ support for special characters in titles
+ unsorted requests are now translated as "sort alphabetically"
+ support for the MP101 search function
+ support for the searchable attribute for containers
+ new parameter: -nopictures for standalone server to limit the tree
of the server to audio files only

What's new in Version 1.03:
- Disabled chunked encoding support for compability with Netgear MP101

What's new in Version 1.02:
+ Support for pictures in the standalone server version (not in the Winamp plugin)
+ Support for the new Intel Tools 1.0.1515.27622, which require CR/LF in XML files

- Full fledged UPnP Media Server for audio, picture and video files
- supports Browse and Search action
- support for Playlists
- support for Shoutcast radio stations
- DHWG compliance

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:12 am
by do_brunner

Looking at the revisions list I saw that Twonkymedia version should have implemented support for tags such as "album artist" in FLAC files. However, I just updated my QNAP NAS from TwonkeyMedia version 4.4.4 to 4.4.5 and neither of these versions seem to support the "album artist" tag.
This is rather depressing as I ripped my whole CD collection onto the NAS in FLAC format since it is a lossless format and I wanted to preserve the full quality of my CDs. Actually, I also created a version in Windows Media Audio WMA lossless, but the TwonkeyMedia server wouldn't play these files at all.
FLAC files at least play back very well on my Denon AVR 3808 (to which I stream the music) and the basic tags (album, artist) are supported; but not the more advanced (and I think very important) tags including "album artitst" and "composer".

Thus, I think TwonkyMedia should invest a bit for the lossless folks as this is for sure a rapidly growing customer's segment.

Cheers :?

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:58 am
by mgillespie
do_brunner wrote: Thus, I think TwonkyMedia should invest a bit for the lossless folks as this is for sure a rapidly growing customer's segment.

Cheers :?
Do you have any sites providing data that lossless is a radidly growing segement? As this is the opposite of what I have seen, lossless is a niche still.

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:39 pm
by do_brunner
Hi again,

no, I do not have any statistics on that. But it is a fact that more and more (in particular high-end) hifi systems such as AV receivers do have network (wireless or ethernet) capability and support streaming audio. It is quite unlikely that owner of such a system only want to listen to their CD collection and other music in MP3 quality. Even my daughter could easily hear the difference between lossless(FLAC or WMA) and her MP3. Since today's NAS systems do provide enough capacity to store even large CD collections in lossless format I truely believe that this is or will be a market.


Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:47 pm
by mgillespie
Can you hear a difference between lossless and HIGH BITRATE WMA? I bet most people can't..

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:14 am
by skouthon
I've tryed to install the last twonkyvision 4.4.6 on my Thecus N4100Plus but it won't work :

If I try to launch the file downloaded from the twonky website :

untitled folder/
-sh: not found
N4100Plus:/raid/Video# . /raid/Video/ -sh: /raid/Video/ which: not found
gunzip: invalid option -- q
BusyBox v1.1.3 (2007.06.14-03:35+0000) multi-call binary

Usage: gunzip [OPTION]... FILE

Uncompress FILE (or standard input if FILE is '-').

-c Write output to standard output
-f Force read when source is a terminal
-t Test compressed file integrity

-sh: /raid/Video/ cannot open -sh: No such file
sed: /usr/local/TwonkyVision/ No such file or directory
cp: invalid option -- v
BusyBox v1.1.3 (2007.06.14-03:35+0000) multi-call binary


Copies SOURCE to DEST, or multiple SOURCE(s) to DIRECTORY.

-a Same as -dpR
-d,-P Preserves links
-H,-L Dereference all symlinks (implied by default)
-p Preserves file attributes if possible
-f force (implied; ignored) - always set
-i interactive, prompt before overwrite
-R,-r Copies directories recursively

-sh: /raid/Video/ 162: chkconfig: not found
Starting server ...
-sh: /raid/Video/ /usr/local/TwonkyVision/ not found
Installation finished
Connection to closed.

If I try to do a manual install (by creating a module deploying the module and then manually executing the command) and then launch the process here is what I get :

/raid/module/TWONKYMEDIA/twonkymedia-armel-glibc-2.2.5/twonkymedia: /raid/module/TWONKYMEDIA/twonkymedia-armel-glibc-2.2.5/twonkymedia: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

does anybody have a solution for that ?

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:22 pm
by Briain
mgillespie wrote:
do_brunner wrote: Thus, I think TwonkyMedia should invest a bit for the lossless folks as this is for sure a rapidly growing customer's segment.

Cheers :?
Do you have any sites providing data that lossless is a radidly growing segement? As this is the opposite of what I have seen, lossless is a niche still.

That's not really the point, to me it is really a commercial issue: it is sold by packetvideo as supporting FLAC and doesn't read one of the key FLAC tags, it thus doesn't really do what it says on the box! I requested this over a year ago and nothing has happened. I also know lots of people who are using FLAC and the popularity is growing fast; is it really that difficult to accommodate this feature request? Maybe you should either market it as partially supporting FLAC, or [preferably] just impliment the request and thus fix it!

It's also worth noting that more and more companies are offering the option to buy music in either MP3 or FLAC format; FLAC is not quite so niche as you'd think!!

Kindest regards,

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:46 pm
by Highlander
mgillespie wrote:Can you hear a difference between lossless and HIGH BITRATE WMA? I bet most people can't..
Er, yes, the difference is not subtle with decent kit! And i'm nearly 60, so my hearing won't be anything like up to parr.


Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:55 pm
by Highlander
Hi, Folks,

My apologies if this question has already appeared & been answered, but does anyone have any idea when Twonky will support "Album/artist" & "Composer" tags in FLAC?



Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:22 pm
by mgillespie
Highlander wrote:
mgillespie wrote:Can you hear a difference between lossless and HIGH BITRATE WMA? I bet most people can't..
Er, yes, the difference is not subtle with decent kit! And i'm nearly 60, so my hearing won't be anything like up to parr.


Many people can also hear a difference with gold plated interconnects and oxygen free speaker cabling they buy... Does it mean it ACTAULLY performs any differently.. Having seen actual waveform comparisions between the original uncompressed PCM, and high bitrate WMA or AAC, I'm 100% convinced any items compressed are WELL outside the range of human hearing (typically 20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:35 pm
by hifi_guy
Many people can also hear a difference with gold plated interconnects and oxygen free speaker cabling they buy... Does it mean it ACTAULLY performs any differently.. Having seen actual waveform comparisions between the original uncompressed PCM, and high bitrate WMA or AAC, I'm 100% convinced any items compressed are WELL outside the range of human hearing (typically 20 Hz to 20 kHz)
That is beside the point. Nobody needs Twonky to tell them what they can hear and what they cannot. From more than a decade of reviewing, writing on and and working with digital audio equipment, I can assure you that both parties are right: Personally, I wouldn't bet on being able to tell 320kbps AAC from the wav original every time. Still, given the choice I would never use anything non-lossless. Believe me: seeing "actual waveform comparisions" (sic!) is pretty useless compared to listening. Besides, archiving your CDs in a lossy format is totally unnecessary if you consider the price per GB.

Germany's largest specialist audio manufacturer, T+A, supports FLAC on its players and of course recommends using it. Same with Linn Products, which at the moment are probably Britain's most successful and influential HiFi specialist. Denon A/V receivers support FLAC. I work for an audio magazine with a circulation of 50000 copies – guess what codec we recommend in every issue, every article, to readers planning to build a harddisk based music system? It may be a niche, but a rapidly expanding one – and one with considerable buying power.

Whoever comes up with a server with better lossless (and NAS...) support – and maybe even a less arrogant attitude – will be given a very warm welcome by all those niche people.


Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:31 am
by Briain
Well said Bernhard!!

I'm a user of the top Linn system and I am also an Engineer, I do not like being marginalized and compared to somebody who listens to wires and fuses; I don’t and find that extremely arrogant and actually quite insulting!! Now that artists, music companies and music distributors are (in rapidly growing numbers) starting to release FLAC on their sites, it is an indication that FLAC is becoming a widely accepted standard. It’s also worth noting that SqueezeCentre supports FLAC and I thus wonder where Twonky get their market information from; St Kilda maybe?**

I think Tonky is excellent in most ways but that they badly let themselves down by things like the FLAC issues (which I and other have requested for over a year). I’m also concerned by them not providing proper customer support; I emailed them yesterday to inform them that the internet radio no longer functions. I proposed they put an announcement on their forum to inform their customers but still there is nothing (at least Linn have followed up my suggestion and done this). I also have examples of other customers who have received poor support on valid questions they’ve sent.

If there were a half decent alternative to Twonky, I’d buy it now; I only use Twonky through lack of alternatives and not through choice. It's a pity though, it can't be that difficult to fix it and then everyone would be happy!

** A scottish island which has been uninhabited since 1930


Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:08 pm
by mgillespie
Just to be clear. I don't work for PacketVideo or Twonkyvision, I just mod here on a voluntary basis. My opinions are likely not be shared by Twonky.

Unfortunatly, there are many people who are willing to buy Snake Oil, and unfortunatly Audiophiles are a major percentage of these people.

Here is my current favorite...
The $500 RJ45 Cat5 cable:

I used to work as a engineer in a service department for most large brands of AV equipment. Some of the things that occur behind the scenes are shocking. Some of the big name brands are using standard off the shelf components yet end users unbelivably see/hear differences. A couple of examples: A B&O TV, that had a standard Philips tube and chasis, and even shared the service manual as the Philips model, with a B&O suppliment that listed the cabinet differences, there was a £1700 price difference, and it got a 5* award in a leading mag. NAD is a big user of off the shelf components. For many years it's CD players used a standard Sony pickup and mech, and the same D-A, yet again, great reviews over it's sound quality.

A walk into your local AV store, I bet you will be able to find gold plated optical leads. I would love to hear an explaination on how they improve sound quality!!!

The list of Audiophile nonsense is literally endless. The Bellwire coming out tops in the blind speaker cabling tests is a classic...

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:10 pm
by Briain

My sincerely apologies for assuming you were part of PacketVideo or TwonkyVision; I incorrectly drew that assumption from your name being behind the announcements on this forum.

I totally share your distaste for Shake Oil and cringe at some of the things people claim; that said, many of them are so ridiculous that there inventors compete well with some of the world’s leading comedy writers and do make me roar with side-splitting laughter!

But not all...

The gold plated end ferrule of the optical cable termination to which you refer must be about 6mm long, which which would make it about a quarter wavelength at about 13 GHz. There are lots of terrestrial radio links operating in this band so it must be acting as a quarter-wave nulling post, thus preventing these transmissions from inadvertently resonating the wire in the nearby chassis mounted mains fuse, causing it to warm up a fempto Kelvin or so, thus increasing its resistance to the incoming mains supply and eliminating all the music; every last drop of it in fact. Honestly, Anyone who can't hear that difference must have painted on ears!

As you might guess, my sense of humor was forever corrupted by listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy :)


NB As to the hyperlink to the CAT5, the 'rounded plug levers' bit would sell it to me :)

Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:23 am
by bbrip
Not wanting fancy CAT5 cable or other gimmicks, just very plain vanilla features such as supporting the most basic tags like compsoser and album artist for Flac files.

Asking for too much?


Re: 4.4.6 Out Now!

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:38 pm
by Briain
Agreed; getting the basic items (which I've already paid for; I do keep pointing that out but it really is quite important) like Album Artist and Composer tag recognition would really make a big difference to navigating my collection.

Update (Briain, Jan 08): Albumartist does work, it was the other software packages which incorrectly tagd it! I'll post full details in a new post.

Did I happen to mention that I've paid PV for these items by buying something which is sold as supporting FLAC files and doesn't.


PS It cost me money when I paid them!

OK I'm being light hearted but I am tempted to ask for a partial refund; I have waited for over a year for these features (for which I paid).